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Friday, March 13, 2009

Billie A. Williams Does Her Take on Mae West

Mae West - She Always Knew How
By Charlotte Chandler

Reviewed by Billie A Williams

Mae West is an icon. Her voice, her manner, her style are mimicked and mimed and duplicated but never could they out shine Ms. West herself. Charlotte Chandler has taken this legend of film and stage and brought her to the reader full and alive. You cannot read this book and come away with anything but awe and praise for both the star and her biographer.

Ms. West is delightful and candid, she is brilliant, intelligent and in love with life and her fans. She isn’t afraid to admit she loves men and diamonds. She isn’t afraid to say she always knew what she wanted and how to get it. She doesn’t whine about not having and yet she doesn’t boast about having. Her love and respect for her mother is clear and repeated often. She is grace, and charm. She is beauty and the beholder. Confidence, charisma, exuberance, energy and verve, how could you not fall in love with her after reading this delightful trip through her life. I’m sure she is standing at heaven’s gate whispering “Come on up and see me sometime.”

I highly recommend reading this if you need a boost to your spirits, if you want to know how to instill your children with a zest for living and confidence in what they want without being boorish. Charlotte Chandler took a monumental task and gave it the tweak only she could give it. Mae West and Charlotte Chandler never looked better..

Reviewer Billie A Williams is the author of The Capricorn Goat and other mystery suspense novels.

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1 comment:

S.K. Hamilton said...

Interesting and intriguing review, Billie. And who wouldln't want a boost to their spirits. That sentence alone makes me want to read the book. Good Job.

I like your review blog, Carolyn. Very well done.

Pee Wee