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Friday, January 7, 2011

Respect for Ourselves and Environment

Title: The ABC Field Guide to Faeries
Sub Title: Inspiring reminders of respect for ourselves, each other and the environment
Author: Susanne Alexander-Heaton
Author's website:
Genre: Children's educational

Reviewed for REAP Calgary by Angus Macdonell

Author Susanne Alexander-Heaton has done more than just capture the innocence of children and the magic of make-believe with her remarkable book, The ABC Field Guide to Faeries. She’s also sending timely messages with it that cannot be repeated often enough and to a readership that will take them to heart as readily as they do milk and cookies.

Every parent knows that children learn best when their senses are stimulated and their imaginations inspired. The beautiful photographs and illustrations (designed by Chantal Gabriell) in Alexander-Heaton’s book are a feast for any child’s eyes, offering a spectrum of colours as well as imagery that leave an indelible impression.

The wonderful rhymes that accompany the artwork are easily read and digested. The truths they convey of respect for the planet, self-love and compassion for others could be considered above some young children’s grasp, however repetition of them throughout the book is an excellent way to guarantee that they’ll come across sooner or later as a child develops and begins to comprehend the meanings they contain.

It’s a perfect medium to reach children, who can be so full of hope, joy and selfless love that they can only benefit by such warmly positive sentiments like those expressed by faery Camilio, “Follow your heart as you go on your way, Then you will find pleasure in every day,” or the empowering message of faery Uniqueuella, “You are magical, beautiful, mystical and bright, So shine out strongly with your unending light.”

The ABC Field Guide to Faeries is a must-have addition to any children’s library, both for the beauty of the book’s design features and for the simple wisdom of its poetry. One further inducement to obtaining a copy is that a portion of the sale proceeds go directly to charitable causes. Susanne’s goal is to raise $2.5 million dollars by 2012. This is an achievable, worthwhile endeavour that every parent can support while giving their children a book with words they can believe in that may also help shape the way they think about and approach their lives.
Susanne Alexander-Heaton is CEO, Motivated by Nature, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA and author, publisher, speaker and FUNdraiser. Her Web site is She blogs at

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