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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Stephen Brayton Novel Gets Thumbs Up

By Stephen L. Brayton
Genre: Fiction: Mystery/Action

Available in print and as an e-book
Published by Oak Tree Press
Author's Web site:
ISBN: 978-1610091152
Reviewed by J. M. LeDuc, author of “Cursed Days” published by Suspense Publishing, an imprint of Suspense Magazine

I like that “Alpha” was written in a narrative format. The protagonist, Mallory Peterson tells the story in first person and it’s a conversation between Mallory and her friend Lawrence Cameron.

We first find out Mallory is struggling with the idea of taking her friendship with Lawrence Cameron, a hardened police detective, to the next level. We soon understand why. Mallory was involved with someone she thought was a sweet guy, Bobby Furillo, who was not what he appeared to be. Under that sweet exterior lived a man with a dual life, married to a devoted wife with a daughter, and who was also a drug lord.

Mallory finds Bobby dead, an apparent victim of murder by gunshot. She meddles into the investigation and soon realizes his true identity. The ensuing story, as she tries to piece together who killed him and who he was, and ultimately trying to take down the head of the drug ring, will keep your head spinning. How far is she willing to go to discover the truth and how many people will have to die?

 The plot explores the seedy side of drug dealers and users, the effects on people when they discover their loved ones are not who they thought, and delves into mans’ conscience and what they are and are not willing to do in the name of greed.

 What I liked best about “Alpha” is the way the story was told. It’s set up in a ‘then’ and ‘now’ division. Each chapter glimpses into the relationship between Mallory and Lawrence as they discuss their fears, wants, and expectations. During this, Mallory retells the story about her relationship with Bobby, how she went about trying to solve his murder, and more importantly why.

 I highly recommend “Alpha” and you would be remiss not to read it. Brayton has distinguished himself as a master storyteller. I for one will be waiting for the next installment.

Learn more about the author at:
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