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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tracey Quintin Reviews Gripping Novel

Title:  Loving Josie: A Torey Hope Novel
Author: A.D. Ellis
Genre:  Fiction / Romance / Ghosts / Contemporary
Reviewer's Rating: 5 star

Reviewed by Tracey Quintin originally for Goodreads

***I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review***

This emotion packed story is the first I've read by A.D. Ellis and is absolutely phenomenal! I can assure you I will be reading every story A.D. has written and will write because THIS story has put her on my very limited author pedestal list.

This story gripped my heart from the start, I couldn't put it down I was so emotionally invested. I had a book hangover and STILL get all knotted up thinking about these beautifully defined characters that I got to know not only because of what transpires but because I personally connected with them, their thoughts and talks.

I've highlighted many profound sections of the story that resonated with me. The range of feelings A.D. evoked in me was huge...way too many to list. I can assure you that you'll experience a roller coaster ride with many unexpected twists and turns. I've revisited the story and my highlights and EACH time my stomach does flips!

I do not give spoilers away in any review I write. Trust me in my HIGH recommendation that you read this story. You will read an incredible piece of work carefully written with heart and soul by a very talented author.

I WILL say that life IS all about changes and sometimes we don't know how life altering they can be!

WOW, I honestly can't rave highly enough about this. My God what a touching story. A.D. thank you for coming into my life with this piece of art. Bravo on delivering one heck of a fantastic read!


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OldMom said...

Thank you so much for sharing my review of this amazing story! THIS story got me totally hooked on AD Ellis! Love her writing and others will too! ~ Tracey

A.D. Ellis said...

Thanks so much to The New Book Review for sharing Tracey's beautiful review of Loving Josie! <3 ~A.D. Ellis <3

Sydney H. said...

Love reading this, her books are amazing!!