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Friday, January 6, 2012

Reviewer Rates Fantast Novel "Simply Perfect"

Title: Magic, Mensa and Mayhem
Author: Karina Fabian
Category: Fantasy, Humor
ISBN: 978-1-934041-78-9
Available from: Swimming Kangaroo ( )
or Amazon or other online dealers
For More Info:

Reviewed by Shirley Starke originally for Fanstay Novels 
This is the most entertaining book I’ve read and re-read in years. The characters are “real” – they make you care – and the plot is full of delightful twists and turns.
An earlier, shorter version of this book appeared as a serial in The Prairie Dawg, newsletter of North Dakota Mensa, and won the Owl, national Mensa’s highest award, for fiction. As editor of The Prairie Dawg, I could hardly wait to read the full novel. I found it even better than the version that won the Owl.

Vern, the dragon private investigator, and his partner, Sister Grace, really grow on you. I’ve found myself wishing they were real – and on my side. You will also meet Coyote, the traditional Native American “Trickster,” in a hilarious form that will leave you wanting more, the Greek Muse Euterpe in a form that will remind us all of someone we’ve met (and hopefully forgotten), and Brunhilde, the Valkyrie of legend, as a bodybuilder and designer of Valkyrie’s Whisper lingerie.

Karina is able to write of dragons, both in this humorous vein and in a serious vein as creatures “created from God’s greatest imaginings,” without the darkness that mars many writers’ images of them. In short, her plot and her characters are simply perfect.
Rating: 5 / 5

Author bio:

Karina Fabian writes award-winning science fiction and fantasy that twist clich├ęs and combines the heavy with the lighthearted. Find all her books at
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