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Lois W. Stern, author advocate, former educator, and frequent contributor to this blog, offers readers of #TheNewBookReview who are authors a path to getting free and ethical reviews for their books. No kidding! Lois explains how to do it below and you'll learn more about her other "Authors Helping Authors" projects in her biography below those guidelines. Please feel free to let those in the publishing industry know about this service. 
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PS: If you are here to post a review you have written for a book you have read or to post a review that a reviewer has written about your book, you are in the wrong place. Go to  It's in a tab at the top of the home page of this blog, too.  

"Marketing is a huge part of a book's success, and getting reviews is a huge part 
of marketing a book or any other business. 
If you don't believe it, ask a plumber who has had poor reviews on Yelp!"

~Quote from Page 18 of How to Get Great Book Reviews Frugally and Ethically by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

How to Let Lois Match Authors and Book Reviewers 

Get your review request (it's like a mini query for reviews!) listed here on this The New Book Review blog at no charge. Use the guide below to list all necessary information and send Lois the information about one of the books you have written.  Once received, she will add your information to her posts that  list books available for review consideration.  Send your request to Lois at with REVIEW WANTED in the subject line. 

Note: Please be sure the book you want to offer for review is already available for sale at or another online site where books are sold. 

Warning: If you are here to have your book seen by prospective readers and reviewers on Lois W. Stern's free review-getting list, you are in the right place. If you already have a fave review ready to be posted or a reader who who would like to write one for #TheNewBookReview, go to  

or find that link at the top of this blog's home page. 

All of this blog's services are free.


Let Lois W. Stern Help You Get Reviews for Your book 
In the tradition (and memory) of our beloved friend and author advocate, Dan Poynter,
TheNewBookReview provides this free service to help our author-readers get credible reviews for their books.  Poynter published a REVIEW WANTED column in his popular and long-running newsletter and, to our knowledge, no one has taken on a similar project since then. We have made it as simple as possible. Just use the categories below to guide you, and send your application to Lois at with  REVIEW WANTED in the subject line

How to Submit a Book Review Request to #TheNewBookReview

Be sure to submit the exact information below in your email to Lois at:




BOOK DESCRIPTION: (75 words max) - Make your description pop to entice others to want to read your book! Hint: Use strong, present tense verbs!




Kindly send full link (NOT shortened link, as they do not seem to be working on Google sheets).

E-MAIL: Contact information for person submitting (be it author, reviewer, reader reviewer, or publisher.)

(Please note: Tangible books are more likely to get review offers.) 
Paperback or hard copy books - Yes or No 
Electronic versions as e-book, kindle, pdf - Yes or No

Authors should send their book directly to the reviewer along with any promotional material they wish to include.  

In the spirit of Authors Helping Authors, Lois is happy to provide her 
review-getting service to her fellow authors at no cost, 
but due to conflict of interest concerns, she does not review the books listed on her review-request page herself. Nor can she guarantee that your listing will attract a reviewer. 


Author or Publisher Responsibilities 

Authors or publishers must be willing to send a book (in whatever format(s) you list in your application as outlined above as well as promotional materials to any volunteer reviewer who contacts you. 
Authors are more likely to find new reader-reviewers for their books if they promote (network) the link on the web--everywhere from website to blog to social media as Twitter and Facebook! 

In Carolyn Howard-Johnson's book, The Frugal Book Promotershe says 
"For promotion to work, ya gotta promote the promotion." 
We at #TheNewBookReview do a lot of that for you, too!  


Reviewer Responsibilities 

Reviewer info:

  • Commit to writing a review within 30 days of receipt of book.
  • Post review on any online review site or blog including Amazon.
  • Give the author permission to post his/her/their review wherever they wish including TheNewBookReview blog.
  • Email the URL where your review is posted to Lois at
  • If you feel this book deserves fewer than 4 stars, decline to review it.
  • Tips for helping reviewers save time while writing honest, ethical reviews. Click here.
  • The book you receive is yours to keep. 

Lois W. Stern



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