...but please follow these eleven rules. I want this to work for all--efficiently, so...
1. Send only one review a month. DO NOT TRY TO POST YOURSELF. Send it to HoJoNews @ aol (dot) com with NEWBOOKREVIEW in the window of your e-mail. Authors may send reviews of their own books with permission from the reviewer. Reviewers may send their own reviews. Readers may review favorite books. Please let me know which category or genre best fits your book for copyright reasons and to assign keywords that help with discoverability.

2. Send only one review at a time. In other words, each review is a separate submission.

3. Edit and avoid cuss words.

4. No attachments. Did I say, "Send reviews in the body of an e-mail to Put "THE NEW BOOK REVIEW" in the subject line.

5. Lead with all the facts (often called metadata) that apply to your review from this list: title, author, author's Web site link, genre or category, ISBN, name of reviewer and reviewer's link, the journal where the review was originally published, publisher and reviewer's rating, if any. Do include a link where blog visitors can buy the book if they choose to do so.

6. Double check this: If the reviewer is not sending a review for him or herself, please let me know that you have permission to reprint the review and don't fib. (-: You may publish Amazon reviews even though you have heard that they own the rights to reviews. Trust me on this. I quote the Amazon's copyright policy straight from Amazon in the chapter on reviews in The Frugal Book Promoter (  Please credit Amazon as first publisher, but you still need to get permission from the reviewer. It is the first reviewer who owns  the right to his or her work.
SPECIAL NOTE: Feel free to add an ABOUT THE AUTHOR credit line at the end of the review. Feel equally free to ad an ABOUT THE REVIEWER at the end of the review.  or both. See number 11.  I just want to be sure you realize this amazing benefit for all writers.

7. I accept reviews for erotica but the reviews themselves must be G rated.

8. Your review is subject to editing and I'm the editor! If I say lie and you say lay, you'll need to get over it. OK? Please avoid putting anything in all caps. Use italics for book titles. Some readers are sensitive to yelling. (-:

9. Please include your Twitter moniker in your signature so I can tag hou with the social networking marketing I do for your review.

10. You'll be asked to participate in a cross-promotion effort. That is, you'll want to send out an announcement that your review appears on this blog. That helps readers find your book and the books of other authors posted here. At a minimum, please link to your review on your social networks.

11. A great benefit for participating: You may add up to two bios at the ends of your review: About the Reviewer and About the Author. Please use links if possible. My visitors will want to use these bios as resources.

PS: Your review will be indexed by genre or book category. Please include genre in your metadata (see above) (-: Otherwise, I'll guess.

PPS: Please note: I sometimes have 31 reviews to post in a given month. To keep this service free to authors, reviewers, and readers, please submit your review according to guidelines--that is, ready to copy-and-paste.

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