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Friday, January 11, 2013

The Best Kind of Valentine Gift--Early and Free

Title: Cherished Pulse
Subtitle: Unconventional Love Poetry
Genre: Poetry/holiday/Valentine's
By Carolyn Howard-Johnson and Magdalena Ball
Available FREE for Kindle or PC/Mac download
Available paperback
Poetry Chapbook o Valentine Greeting Card
ISBN: 9781449546052
Authors' Web sites:

Valentine’s Day may be the holiday best made for poetry. A rose, a poem and thou.  Trouble is, many that we find on the inside covers of commercial greeting cards may be just a little too-too for many of us. Multi award-winning poets Carolyn Howard-Johnson and Magdalena Ball to the rescue with Cherished Pulse, a chapbook of poetry just right for tucking into an envelope or sending off as an e-mail attachment to loved ones.

And right now, Cherished Pulse is available free with the KDP Select free e-book feature. All you do is go to
 on January 11, 12, 13, 14 and 14th and click. And you don’t need to have a Kindle reader to benefit! It may be downloaded as a pdf to send to loved ones, or let Amazon do the work for you by sending directly from their site.

It takes only the click of a mouse!
And there is plenty of time for you to schedule delivery before February 14th.

It's a mini gift and greeting card in one!

Cherished Pulse includes many of the science-inspired poems Magdalena is famous for as well as Carolyn’s nostalgic poetry. Chapbooks in the Celebration Series have won many awards including MWSA’s highest honor of gold and several from USA Book News.


It’s you who had me dreaming

lilacs, breathing April’s sweetest



Magdalena Ball runs the highly respected review site.  She is the author of the poetry book Repulsion Thrust, which was published to unanimous five-star reviews.  Her novel Sleep Before Evening was a Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist and she just released a new novel set in Australia. It is Black Cow.  

Carolyn Howard-Johnson's poetry appears frequently in review journals. She is listed in Poets & Writers and her chapbook of poetry, Tracings (   ), was given the Award of Excellence by the Military Writers Society of America. One of her poems recently won the Franklin Christoph Poetry Prize. She is also an award-winning novelist and short story writer and instructor for UCLA Extension Writers' Program.

For more information on the Celebration Series chapbooks, contact either author, or visit media rooms at  or

Vicki Thomas contributed the watercolors used on the cover and interior. To see her selections of her work, go to .


Support material available electronically or by post on request.
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Magdalena Ball said...

I'm so excited that Cherished Pulse made it to #1 this week. One of the things that really appeals to me about this poetry series is that I think it's bringing in new audiences - people who might otherwise have viewed poetry as something esoteric or difficult.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Magdalena, it has been an adventure! My husband just offered his book for emigrants and foreign students ( ) with this Kindle program and it also hit number one. So we're getting good at it. That #1 position really isn't that easy to do--without doing lots of promoting of the promotion! (-:

Anonymous said...

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Your Valentines love poetry is tender,
To you two I surrender.