"I just browsed your The New Book Review to see where your other contributors got reviewed and found two more resources for my books! Thanks, Carolyn. You provide a great service!"
~Jendi Reiter, author of the Sunshot Prize story collection, An Incomplete List of My Wishes."


The New Book Review is hosted by Carolyn Howard-Johnson. It is "new" because it eschews #bookbigotry. Here is a review blog that lets readers, reviewers, and authors expand the exposure of their favorite reviews, FREE. Just follow the submission guidelines in the left column below or use this blog as a resource to find reviewers, publishers, and others who can help your writing career. It is a multi-award-winning blog including MastersInEnglish.org.

Carolyn IS The Frugal Book Promoter and The Frugal Editor!
Background Information
Carolyn Howard-Johnson's first novel, This is the Place, and Harkening: A Collection of Stories Remembered are both award-winners--some 12 between them. Her fiction, nonfiction, and poems have appeared in national magazines, anthologies, and review journals. She speaks on culture, tolerance, writing, and promotion and has appeared on TV and hundreds of radio stations nationwide. She has been an instructor for UCLA Extension's Writers' Program for nearly a decade and has shared her expertise at venues like San Diego State's world renowned Writers' Conference, Call to Arts! EXPO, and Dayton University's Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop.

She was awarded Woman of the Year in Arts and Entertainment by the California Legislature; her home town's Character and Ethics Commission honored for her work on promoting tolerance and she was awarded Glendale's Diamond Award in Arts and Culture.  The Pasadena Weekly named her to their list of "San Gabriel Valley women who make life happen" for literary activism. American Women's Business Association (ABWA) named her Outstanding Woman in 2007 and Delta Gamma gave her their coveted Oxford award.
Her nitty-gritty how-to book, THE FRUGAL BOOK PROMOTER (http://bit.ly/FrugalBookPromo), is the first in the HowToDoItFrugally Series of books for writers. It won USA Book News' Best Professional Book and the Book Publicists of Southern California's Irwin Award.  THE FRUGAL EDITOR: PUT YOUR BEST BOOK FORWARD TO AVOID HUMILIATION AND ENUSRE SUCCESS (http://bit.ly/FrugalEditor). It was named the best publishing book by USA Book News and won the Reader Views Literary Award in its category.  Her promotion campaign for that book won the Next Millennium Marketing Award. An updated and expanded edition is available as an e-book at http://bit.ly/FrugalEditorKind. And the third in the series is HOW TO GET GREAT BOOK REVIEWS FRUGALLY AND ETHICALLY  ( http://bit.ly/GreatBkReviews). Learn more about it at http://bit.ly/HowToGetReviews.
Carolyn's first chapbook of poetry, TRACINGS (Finishing LIne Press), was named to the Compulsive Readers Top 10 Best Reads for 2004 and honored for excellence by the Military Writers' Society of America. It is available at http://bit.ly/CarolynsTracings  .Her new book of poetry, IMPERFECT ECHOES, has been given a nod by USA Book News. Midwest Book Review calls Carolyn an "articulate, gifted, insightful, iconoclastic, and a truly impressive literary talent . . ." and the book "inherently fascinating, thoughtful, and thought-provoking read . . . highly recommended . . . . " Find it at  http://bit.ly/ImperfectEchoes.
She also coauthors the Celebration Series of chapbooks with  Magdalena Ball. SHE WORE EMERALD THEN: REFLECTIONS ON MOTHERHOOD was honored by USA Book News for poetry and is available at http://bit.ly/MothersDayKind . Others in the series include IMAGINING THE FUTURE: RUMINATIONS ON FATHERS AND OTHER MASCUINE APPARITIONS ( http://bit.ly/Imagining ), CHERISHED PULSE: UNCONVENTIONAL LOVE POETRY (http://bit.ly/CherishedPulse ), and BLOOMING RED: CHRISTMAS POEMS FOR THE RATIONAL ( http://bit.ly/BloomingRed ) and a full book of poetry celebrating Earth Day, SUBLIME PLANET (http://bit.ly/SublimePlanet ). Her booklets THE GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION BOOK PROPOSAL: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SELLING YOUR BOOK IN 20 MINUTES OR LESS ( http://bit.ly/BookProposals ) and GREAT LITTLE LAST-MINUTE EDITING TIPS FOR WRITERS: THE ULTIMATE FRUGAL BOOKLET FOR AVOIDING WORD TRIPPERS AND CRAFTING GATEKEEPER-PERFECT COPY (http://bit.ly/Last-MinuteEditing  ) are fun, short studies for writers. They're both available as e-books and in paper.
 There is now a new series in the HowToDoItFrugally stable of books, the first in the Survive and Thrive series for writers. The first is A RETAILER'S GUIDE TO FRUGAL IN-STORE PROMOTIONS.  Randy H. Eller, retail industry speaker and Prsident Eller Enterprises, LLC, says, "In 35 years in the industry, there are only a handful of retailers I have observed reach the success level of Carolyn Howard-Johnson. There is only one thing you need to learn from her to succeed--everything she says!" Find it at http://bit.ly/RetailersGuide . It, too was honored by USA Book News, a finalist in its business category. Two others followed, one on tweeting, another on blogging.
Sharing with Writers http://sharingwithwriters.blogspot.com and the Frugal, Smart, and Tuned-In Editor http://thefrugaleditor.blogspot.com, both blogs by Howard-Johnson, are award-winners. The first was named to Writer's Digest's 101 Best Websites and the second to Blog of the Day Awards.

Howard-Johnson loves to travel and has studied writing at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, UK: Herzen University in St. Petersburg, RU; and Charles University in Prague.

 Her website is www.howtodoitfrugally.com.  She serves fellow writers by helping them recycle their favorite reviews at http://TheNewBookReview.blogspot.com. 
Tweet with her at www.twitter.com/frugalbookpromo or
California State Legislature’s Woman of the Year in Arts and Entertainment Award, 2004. First Author Ever Given this Award in a Community Where Movies Prevail.

Reviewers Choice Award: First place, Sime-Gen’s mainstream category, spring 2001. Reviewers nominate, vote for prize.

Literary Award, Red Sky Press: 2001, judged by Rose A. O. Kleidon, Prof. Emeritus of English at Univ. of Akron.

Masters Literary Award: Finalist 2000.

New Millennium Literary Award: Semifinalist, 1400 entries, June, 2001.

Mille Club: Honored by AmErica House, Baltimore, Md. for sales and promotion.

Preditors and Editors Readers Poll: Top 10 Novels for 2001, Top 10 novels for 2002, Top 10 Literary books (Harkening) for 2003.

NUW’s Award of Excellence: Editor: Kristie Leigh Maguire.

MyShelf.com’s Ten Best Reads: For THIS IS THE PLACE, 2002.

Women WritingOnLine Award: Honorable Mention, first-person essay “Life Begins at 60.”

Zino.com’s award for Outstanding Article, May, 2003: “Taking a Dose of What’s Good for You.”

Book Crazy Radio Network: Award celebrating 100 reviews.

Long Story Short: Poem of the Month, “Shelf Life,” March 2204.

#1 Best Sellers: EBookAd.com, THE FRUGAL BOOK PROMOTER: HOW TO DO WHAT YOUR PUBLISHER WON'T, Aug. 2004. (The e-book version of FRUGAL is now located at http:starpublsh.com/starbooks.com.)

Reviewer’s Choice Masterpiece. selected by reviewer Lori Soard for WordMuseum.com (http://wordmuseum.com/wmreviews.htm ).

The Pedestal Magazine, Readers’ Award (http://pedestalmagazine.com) for poem, “Olvera Street Tutorial.” Editor, John Amen.

Military Writers' Society of America's Award of Excellence for Poetry.

Book Publicists of Southern California's Irwin Award.

USA Book News' Best Professional Book, 2004.

Reader Views Literary Award, first place.

USA Book News Award, first place for The Frugal Editor (2nd USA Book News award).

Best Marketing Campaign award from the Indie Book Awards contest.

Finalist for The Frugal Editor in the New Generation Indie Book Awards contest.

Writer's Digest named Carolyn's blog, Sharing with Writers (www.sharingwithwriters.blogspot.com) to its 101 Best Websites list.


Tomrbooks: Calley Moore, Editor.

Aspiring Authors: Diana Redman, Editor.

Word Thunder: Sarah Mankowski, Editor.
My Shelf: Brenda Weeaks, Editor.

Authors’ Cove: First Featured Writer of the Month. Erika Michell, Editor.

USA Book News' “Best Books 2004” Award --THE FRUGAL BOOK PROMOTER, Professional Category

Military Writers Society of America gold award for A RETAILER'S GUIDE TO FRUGAL IN-STORE PROMOTIONS.

Military Writers Society of America's Honorable mention for her chapbook of poetry SHE WORE EMERALD THEN: REFLECTIONS ON MOTHERHOOD.

The Franklin Christoph prize for poetry.
Additional Information
I took time from my first passions, fiction and poetry, to share my practical experience and professional knowledge of promotion with writers. Thus, THE FRUGAL BOOK PROMOTER and later THE FRUGAL EDITOR and HOW TO GET GREAT BOOK REVIEWS FRUGALLY AND ETHICALLY were born. Please check them out. Tim Bete, director of the Erma Bombeck Writers' Conference at Dayton University, says that when you've read FRUGAL, you will "know more about promotion than your publisher."
Favorite Links
Carolyn's Website
You'll love the Writers' Resource section packed with book promotion tips, articles, and important lists like the one on how to get reviews from major literary journals.
Writing and Professional Awards
This is the Place has won eight awards, Harkening three. Please visit Carolyn's Literary Times site for a complete list. http://www.howtodoitfrugally.com/awards1.htm

My Favorite Review
Rolf Gompertz is a teacher at UCLA and the author of several books including his new novel, "Abraham, The Dreamer." His keen intelligence shows in the insight he brought to this review.

A Semi-Monthly Rant is Just Enough to Let Off Steam
Visit my "Back to Literature" columns--both current and archived. Here you'll find "Carolyn's Annual Noble Prize" and rants on everything from censorship to the state of the publishing industry.

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