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Great FictionPurchase THIS IS THE PLACE
and HARKENING at Amazon in their new and used feature. 
Both of these books are out of print. They are available only on Amazon's New and Used feature for about $1.
Great Poetry Purchase TRACINGS (Finishing Line Press) at Amazon. 
IMPERFECT ECHOES: Writing Truth and Justice with Capital Letters, 
lie and oppression with Small
Give the gift of poetry with a chapbook from Magdalena Ball's
My Celebration Series

CHERISHED PULSEUnconventional Love Poetry
IMAGINING THE FUTURERuminations on Fathers and Other Masculine ApparitionsSHE WORE EMERALD THEN: Reflections on Motherhood
BLOOMING RED: Christmas Poetry for the Rational
DEEPER INTO THE POND: Celebration of Femininity
SUBLIME PLANET: Celebrating Earth and the Universe

Most of Carolyn's books are also available for the Kindle reader.
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 "Careers that are not fed die as readily
as any living organism given no sustenance."
Carolyn Howard-Johnson