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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Amazon Reviewer Samara Calls Jukebox Astonishingly Good!

Title : Jukebox
Author : Saira Viola
Genre : Crime Satire Literary Fiction Contemporary
ISBN-13: 978-1508460053
Available for Kindle
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originally for Amazon
It's been a long time since I picked up a book and was knocked off balance by a writer who is so talented that she takes your breath away. In the first few opening lines Viola punches you in the face with her unabashed and swaggering prose; this is a writer who is so fresh she feels like an adrenaline injection.

There is something exciting about her writing style, direct, fast and street style sassy! Jukebox gripped me from the very beginning; I loved every minute of reading about these people who in turn sicken me with their vile behaviours yet still manage to engage my imagination and delight me with voyeuristic pleasure.

The attention to detail is stunning; she has succeeded in making her all of her characters ridiculous yet real at the same time. The accuracy is not only with the way she dresses and describes them; it is present in their diction and turn of phrase.

Benjamin Zephaniah describes her as having a beautiful and twisted imagination; she is also a proficient story teller and like Zephaniah her writing is gritty, realistic and unafraid.

Now and again fiction comes along that is not just a book; it's a text, a little piece of history reflecting the society from which it was produced. Jukebox is about a city of players from all walks of life, self-obsessed, greedy and manipulative, a satirical viewpoint of our own selfish, social media obsessed society.

I can remember the first time I read Toni Morrison and Arundhati Roy, that feeling that you are in the presence of genius, a writer who is magnificently gifted and no matter how hard you tried you would never even come close to being able to write like this. I already know this is a book I will return to and read again.

Ultimately Viola has created a satire that is so bloody British you expect Vinnie Jones to appear in the pages, if it were a film it would be directed by Guy Ritchie and would be set to a John Murphy soundtrack.

Expect to hear good things about Saira Viola; Jukebox is a work that will be talked about, a contender for the Booker... Absolutely! Although I suspect with Saira Viola the best is yet to come.
Author's Website
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