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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sleep Before Evening Reviewed by Joyce White

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By Magdalena Ball
$17.99Paperback: 296 pages Publisher: Bewrite Books (July 24, 2007)Language: English ISBN-10: 1904492967 ISBN-13: 978-1904492962 Author's Web site:
Also available for Kindle
Reviewed by Joyce White
Magdalena Ball says in this drug fiction slice-of-life drama, you can find good and bad in everything that happened which meant there is no such thing as luck only perception. She obviously loves writing and has mastered quantum jumping from a poet to a brilliant novelist. Her narration whispers, never intrudes. Her metaphors sing like most good poetry; and her scenes leave you wanting more. The reader can not only feel but hear and see each emotion change from page to page, being more like an opera than a novel.
I’ve often wondered if it was wise for a poet to try novel writing. Obviously Magdalene has a talent for both. It amazes me that this is her first novel. It is that good. To be obscurely clearly is a real talent. When something can be read without effort like her scenes, you can be sure great effort has gone into its writing.
One of my favorite metaphors and there are many, she describes Marianne, the young protagonist, as swimming in an ocean of amniotic fluid, cradling and nourishing her. Another metaphor I enjoyed was…feeling Miles’ arms like long tendrils of a parasitic vein, snaking around her body, taking her breath and her life away. Later, she says…There is no heaven, no hell, but there is music…sounds, smells, taste, touch, there is always music.
I recommend this story to all families, teenagers and college students. This is not a typical drug fiction book but a classic work of art.
~Reviewed by Joyce White of Sculpting the Heart Book Reviews


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