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Thursday, July 28, 2011

K. M. Whittaker Reviews Suspenseful Novel

Title: Ring of Lies
Author: Victoria Howard
Author's website:
Genre: Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 9781935407683

Reviewed by K M Whittaker originally for Amazon

What happens when the man you have been married to for ten years is not who you thought he was? After Daniel Elliott dies in a car crash, Grace is left to deal with all the details regarding his will. Grace finds that Daniel has an alias, a lot of money, and a beach house in Miami that she knew nothing of. It seems that this loveless marriage, that Daniel kept Grace in, controlling her and keeping his secrets, was more than just connivance, but a lie. Her life with him was safe and stable, but now she is unsure who her husband really was.

Grace contacts an old friend, Jack West, an FBI agent, who she met 6 months previously. Jack agrees to help her get answers to questions and unravel the mystery behind all the secrecy in her marriage, and find out who Daniel Elliott really was, and where this money came from.

With strings of lies, deceit, murder and mystery, Jack protects Grace from harm’s way and uses his expertise to help Grace unravel all the mysteries and secrets. Family boundaries are pushed, heart breaking discoveries are made, and Grace finally decides to take her stance.


An emotional roller coaster that was fast paced, filled with murder, suspense, lies, and romance. I really enjoyed this mysterious storyline. The plot smoothly flowed from one chapter to the next, and the end finalized swiftly, but efficiently, to give the reader a well delivered finale to a suspenseful read. Romance was present, but not the main factor in the read, but I felt this was evenly distributed to give us those elements we look forward in any suspenseful romance thriller. I was worried towards the end only 15 pages to go and still no deal was sealed. But Victoria ended it well, nothing left unfinished, and a finale which I am sure pleased the reader. I know I was impressed.

The main characters are very different, but fit the jigsaw well. Every little detail was included, giving an insight to the character’s personality and views. Descriptions were well portrayed -including thoughts, emotions and surroundings. I enjoy this in a read, as I am a visual reader!!!

I enjoyed Jack’s character - definitely not flawless, but his love for his daughter softened his hard exterior, good cop -hard arse. He knew what his responsibilities were and never faulted with either. He was brave, and respected, and gallant to the end.

Grace was a tortured soul. Living in a loveless marriage she stuck to her vows, no matter what. She was withdrawn in the beginning of the story, but in time her character grew strong and determined to move on with life, and start to live. I was happy to see Grace stand her ground no matter what happened to her. She had a strong will and in the end this showed in her character.

There are plenty of villains present creating that mystery and suspense that we all crave in a good thrilling read. Their characters coming across as callous and uncaring and just hard arse, this was portrayed well. You grew to hate the characters and what they stood for, but this also is part of a great story.

Overall, Victoria never disappoints in her writing, intriguing the reader into the world that she has created, drawing us into the suspense, and mystery and even little loving entwined. The romance wasn't a big part of the story, but I fell it was just perfect, giving us the insight to Jack and Grace's emotions and dragging us along in the moment.

All secondary characters meshed well with the story line, making it an enjoyable read, all necessary and blending in well with the plot.

I've now read two of Victoria's stories and have enjoyed both immensely. I certainly look forward to more of her stories in the future. A must read!! That will keep you on the edge of your seat, right till the very end
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