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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Billie A. Williams Pens Another Myster, This with a Christmas Backdrop

The Capricorn Goat
by Billie A. Williams
ISBN: 1-60813-090-8
Publisher: Publish America

Reviewed by J Gayle Kelly, author of Watermelon Patch and other novels

Mystery writer, Billie A. Williams, publishes mysteries as fast as a missile streaks across an ocean. The Capricorn Goat, one of her fairly recent releases, does not disappoint. She has assembled a book full of entertaining characters, as usual, who excite the reader and move the story forward. For the most part, these characters with such "fun" names, are intelligent, and especially, very human.

Williams’ protagonist, January Flannel, is a mystery author who finds herself immersed in an intriguing mystery which is far too real for comfort. Her good friend Sasha "Echo" Folio is accused of murder and although she entangles herself in the same danger Echo is in, January does not back away. A quote from The Capricorn Goat gives the reader a sense of January’s loyalty to a friend and a peek into her experience as an author: "As a writer, her mind puts the pieces of the mysterious murder together in a puzzle, all the clues interlocking."

Williams stealthily cuts a slice of political intrigue into the mix. How can she explain to her teenage daughter, Taylor, why her father who suddenly disappeared many years before, has suddenly resurfaced in such a profound circumstance? The story centers on the characters and their relationships with each other and the men that complicate their lives; the threats that curse their every day. January is run down by a "hit and run" driver which nearly takes her life, and puts her in a wheelchair. An intruder bullies his way into her house; shots are fired, bullets find their mark. A local teenager is kidnapped. All this at Christmastime when parties are planned and shoppers fill January’s gift shop, The Capricorn Goat.

The climax will keep the reader on the edge of his seat, and all the pieces of the puzzle finally slide into place and click at the end. I promise you, The Capricorn Goat, will make you glad you sat in a cozy chair with your favorite cup of tea and submerged yourself in Billie A. Williams’ gift for writing.

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