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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Reader Review Amy Ferris's Memoir

Marrying George Clooney: Confessions from a Midlife Crisis

By Amy Ferris

ISBN-10: 1580052975
ISBN-13: 978-1580052979

Reviewed by Katherine H. Hughes

I just finished Amy's book which came highly recommended by Carolyn Howard-Johnson due to her unique style of voice. That is an understatement for Amy...she writes how she thinks alright, but she is more than unique, which we are all scared to do.

I related to her voice because I sometimes slip and say a "f-word" as well. It was something I was worried about in some of my writing...should I take it out/ leave it in....I liked it in her book it was so funny(to me). It seemed true to her actual thoughts. Loved it even though it was on a mid-life crisis, I felt as though I am going through some of the things she went through in her life!

I have never laughed so hard I had to take a break from reading, only because I found myself relating to every thought, comment or the outfit memory in her closet. I have to say I did not expect the book to have the book have a sensitive side after all the humor in the book. It added another dynamic that hit close to home for me. My grandmother fought the same battle Amy’s mom did with Dementia. Growing up I saw how my mother had to be strong and preserver though the same thing Amy went through. I pray and prepare myself for the same battle hoping to absorb every memory I can along the way with my mother.

I have passed my copy along to my Mom. My mother is in a book club in AL so maybe they will read it...they read some of everything. I also have different friends who read ALOT more than I do(not that I don't want to) that I suggested they go and buy it. It would make great beach or summer reading for all. I laughed through the whole thing I have never done that in a book before, so she must be some kind of writer.

I guess this year here in Canada has allowed me to mediate get my thoughts together. I am amazed at how much I actually figured out: personal and professional. Both before and after reading Amy's book. I am just starting my writing journey as I have kept notes of my travels, work and personal experiences over the last several years. I look forward to perusing my own voice and staying true to myself as well. I have been working in the outdoor industry(in Wyoming, Africa, and now Canada) since I graduated from college in the South; it has been wonderful journey, but I see many crossroads in the future. May I take the high road and the road less traveled and have a unforeseen writing career. That is what life is all about, enjoy it!!

Author Bio:
Ferris is also the author of a young adult novel. A Greater Goode.


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