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Monday, June 25, 2007

Calfornia's Erma Bombeck Sees the Funny Side

title: Who, Me? Paranoid? Humor Humor Everywhere
author: Erica Stux
genre: Humor
ISBN: 978-1-58736-676-5
reviewer: Lenora Smalley, former president of California Writers Club, San Fernando Valley chapter
review first appeared on

Erica Stux has a new book whose title immediately gives readers an idea they have found a funny and entertaining collection. In a style reminiscent of the late Erma Bombeck, Erica writes about events and relationships which confront us all. There are entries with intriguing titles such as The Care and Feeding of Dishwashers, HairDo's and Don'ts, New Math for the Family, May I Have My Attention, and an especially humorous tirade on Phantoms in My Fridge.

We have dibs, dabs, little jars or packages hiding in niches and corners in our refrigerator. I loved Erica's comment, "There could be a jar in one of those niches containing, for all I know, a hitherto unknown Dead Sea Scroll." She writes about many things we all know to be true. How major appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines always break down on weekends, especially long holiday weekends. How stoves usually quit on Christmas or New Years Eve. She extols the virtues of a good plumber or handyman, saying we should hang on to them because they are "worth their weight in drill bits."

I laughed reading the episode The Dinner Party I'd Most Like to Forget. It was one of those times when anything that could go wrong did, including spilling a drink on a guest and having the coffee pot blow a fuse, crashing the party into temporary darkness. She writes about events that make us want to laugh or cry, but Erica makes us laugh and helps us see the funny side. Read this book and the next time the groceries fall out of the bag onto the sidewalk or the ice cream scoop drops off the cone, remember Humor Humor is Everywhere.

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