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Monday, January 28, 2008

Author Laura Caldwell Writes Romance, Mystery

Author - Laura Caldwell
Genre: Thriller/Mystery/Romantic Suspense
ISBN- 0778325016

Reviewed by L. Levy

Kate Livingston and Liza Kingsley have been best friends since
childhood. When Liza sets the newly divorced Kate up with Michael
Walker, she never expects her to fall for the elegant man, 16 years her
senior. The relationship is a whirlwind, quickly resulting in marriage.
Liza begins to wonder, however, if she's introduced Kate to more than
her dream man, catapulting her instead into a world of dangerous

Kate follows Michael to the French-Canadian town of St. Marabel,
but she soon begins to suspect, like Liza, that he isn't who he claims.
After digging a little deeper, the two women eventually find themselves
on a collision course, racing from the US to Russia to Canada to Brazil.
The betrayals and crimes of passion they uncover threaten to end them,
as well as everything they love.

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