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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spirtual Book That Goes Deeper

I Am Therefore I Am: Revelations of Truth
By Lawrence Doochin
Genre: Spiritual
ISBN: 0-595-36175-7

Reviewed by Karen Lawrence

I Am Therefore I Am author Says "We Are Not Here to Learn"

In a society where even spiritual growth is associated with striving and “fixing” ourselves, Lawrence Doochin’s message in I Am Therefore I Am: Revelations of Truth that "...we are not here to learn" is a refreshing one for spiritual seekers of all types. His soft approach to our most troublesome questions about life, love, spirit and the nature of existence is to say "Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to change anything about yourself? If all you had to do was remember and recognize who you really are?" As I read those words I was struck with how deeply they resonate in my own heart and how Doochin’s healing journey through what we see, experience, think and feel on this earth really captures the underlying simplicity of our existence as I FEEL it rather than how I THINK about it.

I Am Therefore I Am recounts what was revealed to Doochin during a time of deep personal introspection. He explores perception, faith, reality, emotion, morality and purpose. Lawrence starts the book with a question: “What is the difference between the following statements? The world is as I see it. I see the world as it is.” I was hooked. As he travels through the most difficult concepts we all grapple with in our lives, he encourages us to truly let go of our beliefs about the nature of the universe and where we fit in it. "If you release your beliefs, or you at least witness them, then the current carries you along effortlessly. Life becomes easier, much simpler."

So, you might ask, what do we get for dropping our beliefs and relaxing into who we are? We will experience a more frequent awareness of God, according to Doochin. By recognizing and remembering our true nature we can tap into the Love that “… is the essence of all that is." Doochin makes suggestions throughout the book for sparking our remembrance rather than trying to access it through our minds or figure out what we should BE or BE DOING. "You are not here to do anything. You are here to be. You are fulfilling your role on Earth just by being an expression of God in form, for this is Creation fulfilled. This is Love."

I was happy I overcame my resistance to what potentially was yet another book imploring me to study more and practice harder in order to “fix” my troubled soul and picked up I Am Therefore I Am. It is a reassuring reminder that we are all reflections of the Divine and need only settle into that awareness to find peace and joy. Doochin’s book is a refreshing resource for helping us recognize and remember who we truly are.
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