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Friday, May 15, 2009

Brit Ron Morgans Treats Readers to New Thriller

Title: The Deadline Murderspart of the Fox & Farraday series.
Author: Ron MorgansWebsite:
Genre: Thriller/Mystery
ISBN: 9788461291632
Format: Paperback 320 pages
Publisher: Riverheron Publishing

Henrietta Fox is a paparazzo. A wild, flame-haired girl in biker’s boots and leathers, with an Irish temper. She rides a Yamaha on the streets of London stalking celebrities for the tabloid gossip pages. When a Chinese military plane explodes in a fireball before her camera, life for Henrietta Fox gets dangerous!

Five reporters across Europe have been murdered, each with their exotic, lop-eared Sumxu cats. Animals considered extinct for 300 years. Only Henrietta Fox knows why - and that knowledge could kill her.

To survive she must pursue a madman across China with partner CASS FARRADAY, an ex-Repton public schoolboy turned tabloid reporter with a devious line in interviews.

Only they can prevent an Armageddon assault on Britain’s Air Traffic Control. Fail and half a million lives will be lost.

AUTHOR: Ron Morgans lives on the Mediterranean writing mystery novels. The characters and plots he writes about are inspired by his years as an award winning photojournalist. He worked on eight UK National newspapers and covered the world’s major events with the top cameramen of his generation. He uses that experience to craft stories that move with breathtaking pace to excite and intrigue his growing band of readers.

BLURB: “The Deadline Murders is an exciting, unpredictable, thrilling page-turner of a book. I loved it.” ~ Piers Morgan – author, editor and judge of Britain’s/America’s Got Talent.


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