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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stan Berenbaum Lends Expertise to New Business Book

by Stan Berenbaum
Paperback Format
May 2009
Business and Investing/Professional and Technical/Business How-To
ISBN 978-1-4401-3228-5

Reviewed by K.J. Johnson

Finally, a businessperson provides the secrets of franchising and business success in a book designed for busy executives, business owners, franchisers and franchisees, and that businessperson is a great leader in this category. Franchise attorney and executive Stan Berenbaum draws on his experience as president and CEO of American Leak Detection as well as his former high-level position with Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc.

Berenbaum offers 95 secrets of effective business and franchise success. Each chapter has a "takeaway" that sums up the lesson Berenbaum delivers. In addition, the author often draws from his own experience and concrete examples to illustrate his points.

While many of the chapters involve the nuts and bolts of franchising, Berenbaum reminds us that business challenges--and solutions--are similar no matter what your market.

A sampling of Berenbaum's ideas demonstrates why this book is valuable:

--Wait until you have a free day to accomplish those goals. "Instead, try living your life in 5 or 10 minute increments." Build your skills and do your work a little at a time.

--"Category leaders make it painless for franchisees and customers to do business with them."

This book, with its secrets of franchising and franchise-specific information, as well as definitions, is a must-read if you are a franchiser or thinking of buying a franchise.

However, you don't have to be involved in a franchise business relationship to benefit from this book. Berenbaum's approach challenges business owners' thinking and provides solutions for many difficulties that anyone doing business faces--especially in this economy (Berenbaum has a lesson or two to cover that, too). This book should be on every category leader's shelf. Now you, too, can lead the category!

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