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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Booklist Reviewer Shares Women's Literature Review with The New Book Review

The Fence My Father Built
Abingdon Press, October 2009
By Linda S. Clare.
Genre: Women’s fiction, contemporary
ISBN: 13:987-1-4267-0073-6.
Author's blog:
Hardcover, $13.99

Reviewed by Lynne Welch for Booklist

Muri Pond arrives in Murkee with her two children (daughter Nova, 15, and son Tru, 11) for a quick visit to settle her long-lost father’s estate, while she regroups from an unpleasant divorce and the loss of her job, her home, and her social standing. Determined to remain aloof, Muri nonetheless finds herself slowly adjusting to central Oregon’s high-desert ranching culture, so vastly different from Portland’s lush green suburban lifestyle. And while she attempts to bridge the gap between her father’s Nez PercĂ© heritage and her mother’s obsessively white middle-class upbringing, Muri finds herself on a journey of self-discovery, encouraged by her aunt Lutie’s and uncle Tiny’s everyday, casual expressions of faith. Drawing from her own experience discovering her Native American heritage while searching for her biological father, Clare’s rich and thoughtful contemporary inspirational novel vividly portrays the day-to-day struggles of a neglected people against poverty, racism, substance abuse, and more, while holding out the enduring hope for second chances.

The Fence My Father Built, a novel from Abingdon Press

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