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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eliza Earsman Publishes Call-to-Action Poetry

TITLE: A Collection of Verse
AUTHOR: Eliza Earsman
GENRE or CATEGORY: History/Verse. 108 pages.
ISBN: 978-0-9556248-1-0



Highly highly recommend you consider submitting your poetry for awards ... (Haven't done so yet - maybe later!) gifted writer ... amazing eloquence to your poetry. ~ Pamela Guerrieri, Senior Editor.

Your sight-rhymed poems have impressed. They cover politics, culture, and religion about which you write passionately, occasionally didactically.~ University Lecturer, Wales.

Mainly succinct, sensuous. ~ University Lecturer, Wales.

Written with clarity and precise diction. ~ University Lecturer, Wales.

A beautiful gift. Informative and enlightening! ~ Wanda,

The following critiques on individual poems are from staff, University of Cardiff, Wales:

CATALONIA: you use lexis and syntax that suit the ambience being evoked.

STORM: contextualized to seafarers and `sun hammered waves' is stunningly visual.

HOME IN ON THE RANGE: both lyrical and dramatic. Arresting word combinations e.g. `squirrels pine, needles spruce. Also the comic details of old Billy grazing.

CHUNK: how fluently you convey nature's kinesthetic energy.

GLASGOW: CELL BLOCK H - powerful pathos. Scots dialect is employed appositely.

HEAVENS ABOVE: shows love of word play.

SCENE FROM THE BACKGOUND: even more of a word picture. Effective feature are the echoic effects...

CANUTE: punning, a teasing reflection of King Canute's fabled ability.

JAFFA GATE STING: seriocomic. Song-like opening.

CATALONIA: a poem to the architectural beauty and transcendent faith contained in Barcelona.

From the Back Cover

Provocative, reasoned, instinctive, funny, robust.

This latest publication by Eliza Earsman expands, in verse, some of the data in Days of Elijah (Revised and Expanded): A True Story - ISBN 9780955624827.

Specific/urgent attention should be paid to the non-fiction poem 'LEST SHE FORGETS' re the UK Mountbatten-Windsor royal family/World War Three agenda.

Sanity galvanizes readers to act!

Earsman is also the author of Days of Elijah.

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Lisa Lickel said...

Thanks for inviting me to see this site, Eliza, and for shouting your news. Poetry is amazing and your release sounds fabulous.

Lisa Lickel

Eliza said...

Thank you Lisa for your comment.

Please raise awareness by passing to others.

Have a great day.


Eliza said...

The relevanr URGENT and authenticated UPDATED book blog is at:

Please visit/comment/pass to others.