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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Really OK, Not OK Book

I'm Not OK, You're Not OK, But That's OK With God: Finding the Humor and Healing in Life
By Shelley Hussey
ISBN 9780615199368
Publisher: Harper Ink

Reviewed By Carolyn Howard-Johnson, an Amazon Vine Voice

Prospective readers of "I'm Not OK" should know, I am not an officianado of inspirational self-help books. I have read enough of them to know that most are not written by writers--especially the ones on the bestselling lists--thus I don't seek them out. Usually one can't detect a voice or personality behind the advice. Thus, it's difficult to related to those giving the advice and certainly they aren't much fun to read.

"I'm Not OK" is different. It is full of humor. One would expect that from the subtitle. But it's also full of heart and, yes, one can detect a real person--and I'm thinking writer, too--behind the chapters and paragraphs.

Find the chapters titled "From Band-Aid Soup to Nuts." Find "The Fleeting Peace of Mind Zip Code" and "Fred Goes to the Not OK Corral." Here is a book that is full of anecdote, personal experience (read that "trusted experience") and, yep! Inspiration.
Reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson, multi award-winning novelist, poet and author of the HowToDoItFrugally series of books for writers and retailers.

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