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Monday, March 1, 2010

Overcoming Destructive Dark Secrets

The Eby Way: Challenge, Release, Heal your Painful Past
by Gary Eby
ISBN-10 1-58501-122-3
ISBN-13 978-1-58-501122-3
Paperback 209 pages
Genre: Self-Help
Published: December 2009
SterlingHouse Publisher

Gary Eby provides a synopsis of why his self-help method works.

I am the author of The Eby Way. I have a Masters in Social Work, 40 years of professional experience, and am retired from the VA as a social worker.

The Eby Way, is a self-help guide to overcoming past dark secrets so we can achieve our goals today. You can also learn four simple steps to a more positive life.

Year after year books are published promising happiness, joy, prosperity, love, and health. They just don’t tell us how to do it.

Oh, yes, they tell us to think positive or forget about the past. They offer us chants and “powers” and even “secrets”.

Here’s the real secret…as long as your heart or mind or body remembers that negative incident from how ever long ago, your ability to change will not be at hand.

Unlike these other books, I will show you how to stop the negative so you can truly gather the positive.

You can use my emotional healing process to overcome any negative issue or barrier in your life. It is fully field tested to facilitate change on all levels.

Please watch The Eby Way video here and check out some free samples of my work:

Here is what Wheelman Presssaid about my book: "After working in the social work field for 37 years, author Gary Eby developed a simple formula to help anyone overcome a negative past and to embrace a positive lifestyle. In his book, Eby proves the effectiveness of his technique by providing examples of his own experiences as well as the stories of some of the people he has counseled."

An interesting story behind the publishing of The Eby Way is also available here:
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