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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Deb Hockenverry Reviews Christian Fiction

TITLE: Third Time’s a Charm: A Novel
AUTHOR: Virginia Smith
FORMAT: Paperback, Kindle
PAGES: 327
PRICE: $10.19 (print), $9.99 (kindle)
ISBN-10: 0800732340
ISBN-13: 9780800732349

Reviewed by Deb Hockenberry

Tori Sanderson is the youngest of the three Sanderson sisters. She loves to shop for designer clothes and shoes.

Her two older sisters fix her up with Ryan, a farm boy from her hometown. Over time Tori slowly falls in love with Ryan, much to her two older sisters’ delight. Unfortunately, Ryan’s busybody sister-in-law interferes way too much, showing up at their first date with her two sons. The two older Sanderson sisters are also not quite as bad at interfering but they do invade their sister’s love life asking Ryan for details after each date. In fact, they go as far as to show up at the hardware store where Ryan works!

Tori works at a very high pressure job in a nearby town and has a boss that expects her to work 24/7. She’s also up for a promotion along with her coworker, Mitch. If Mitch gets the promotion, Tori would work for him so the competition between the two is fierce!

Mitch also has his eye on Tori and can’t figure out what Tori sees in Ryan.

Tori’s possible promotion adds further complications to their relationship since she has to work harder than ever hardly leaving her time to breathe much less date. She has to do her regular job as well as garner experience and get a presentation together for the owners of a restaurant. Whoever has the best presentation and wins the restaurant owners over, gets the promotion. So, the competition between Tori and Mitch is fierce!

I truly enjoyed this easy to read book but was a bit disappointed in the beginning. Tori is at the mall buying a gift for her sister, Joan’s, wedding shower present. While she’s in the mall she sees a pair of designer shoes that she thinks she has to have. This makes her late for Joan’s wedding shower! How can you be late for one of your sisters’ biggest events in her life? From there on the book got much better.

This is the last book in the Sister-to-Sister series. As a sister myself, I could relate to the three sisters. I’ve never read a book from this trilogy before but after reading this book, I would like to read the other two books. This Christian book is easy to read without being ‘preachy’. This book has to be in any church library and in your own personal library!

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