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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Spell Kissed
 by Kari Thomas
Publisher: Black Lyon Publishing,
Date published: July 2010
ISBN: 978-1-934912-28-7
Paranormal Romance
PRINT and E-book

Reviewed by Valerie for LoverRomanceandMore blog

Awarded Five Roses

Brianna Adair is a witch who is the keeper of The Sphere. Trouble is, her spells go awry when she’s in a highly emotional state. When she accidentally burns her house down, her friend, Cynthia offers her a place for the time being. Cynthia has two sons, both with the police force, Sloan and his brother, Hunter. Hunter has been asked to take some leave as he is practically on burn out and Sloan has asked him to come home and help him with a strange case. When Brianna and Hunter meet, the sexual attraction is strong. Soon, Hunter and Sloan are helping Brianna retrieve The Sphere that has been taken from her. They are fighting demons and are believing that there is more out there than the eye can see. All the while, Brianna and Hunter are discovering feelings that threaten Brianna’s spells to go completely crazy.
Kari Thomas gives her readers a wonderful story with some compelling and exciting characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I love stories with witches and Brianna is a witch, although she often gets her spells wrong. This causes no end of trouble and some comical moments. Her hero, Hunter is all macho, protective, jealous, stubborn and he has sure met his match in Brianna. They are wonderful together as Brianna turns the world as he knows it upside down, and Hunter causes Brianna’s emotions to almost run out of control. Ms Thomas keeps the sexual tension on boiling point almost throughout the whole story and the reader will be simmering along right with them both. So, when they finally do the deed, the characters are not the only ones to experience the relief. There is a good, solid conflict that will keep you turning the pages to find out what will happen next and to see if everyone survives. Towards the end, there was a moment where I had to almost shed a tear…that always puts a book on my keeper shelf. If you haven’t yet tried a story by this author, I can highly recommend her and know that when you read one, you’ll be scrambling for her backlist!

~Kari Thomas is an asward-winning author. Learn more about her at

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amber polo said...

I loved Spell Kissed...and Kari is pretty sweet, too.