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Friday, April 1, 2011

First Novel Impresses Tough Audience

Title: City of the Damned
Author: Stephen Knight
Author's Web site link:
Genre or category: horror
ISBN: 9781458195814

Originally reviewed by Bob Mueller for Ravens Beak
City Of The Damned is the debut novel for author Stephen Knight, available exclusively for e-readers through Amazon and Smashwords. Mark Acheson leads a containment team, dedicated to eradicating a terror most people don’t believe in: vampires. Two years after one of his team members is captured during an operation, Acheson’s team is attacked by the vampire they supposedly destroyed, and the team begins to realize this vampire family is a lot more than they expected. And they’ve got plans.
Knight has written a rollicking vampire story with something for everyone: master vamps, gunplay, sexual tension between main characters, and a touch of vengeance thrown in for seasoning. As the husband of a Nazarene children’s pastor, I’m hardly in Knight’s target audience for vampire stories, but this isn’t just a vampire story. It’s about how people respond to crises and evil, and how those events bring out the best in people, sometimes in spite of themselves.
Knight’s descriptions of military action show a knowledge earned the hard way, especially when it comes to helicopters. It’s clear he’s got a slew of t-shirts. He’s not excruciatingly detailed in the action though, giving the reader just enough information to make the scene, and no more. The realistic interplay between team members reinforces the feeling that Knight has been there, facing the elephant more than once.
City of the Damned is a good, fast read, but don’t read it right before bed. You’ll leave a light on if you do.

Be sure to check out Knight’s blog too, so you can see what’s coming. I think we’ll hear a lot more about Stephen Knight.

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