Friday, May 13, 2011

The Tech Disease: Getting Over Addiction

Title – The Digital Diet:
Subtitle - The 4-Step Plan to Break Your Tech Addiction and Regain Balance
Author – Daniel Sieberg
Author's website link -
Genre or category - technology
ISBN – 978-0307887382
Publisher -  Random House

The Digital Diet is a 28-day plan that’s meant to reawaken our awareness of technology in our lives, provide tools and gadgets to improve life, and instill the right motivational/practical formula for managing it in the future. It can be tailored based on age, profession, hobbies, and a person’s particular electronic poison and includes a self-assessment, a detox phase, and a week-by-week guide to building time for technology back into your routine.

The 4 Step Plan

Step 1 – Think - Consider how technology has overwhelmed our society and the effect it’s had on your physical, mental, and emotional health.
Step 2 – Boot - Take stock of your digital intake using Sieberg’s Virtual Weight Index and step back from the device.

Step 3 – Connect - Focus on restoring the relationship that have been harmed by the technology in your life.
Step 4 – Vitalize - Learn how to live with technology – the healthy way, by optimizing your time spent e-mailing, texting, on Facebook and web surfing.

Kirkus Review -

Former CBS and CNN technology correspondent recognizes what is lost in a multitasking, digitally obsessed world and outlines suggestions to help people reclaim their lives.

Spending hours on the computer with minimal productivity? Is social-networking a daily necessity, or has the purchase of the latest games, gadgets and apps become routine? Life does not have to be beholden to technology, writes Sieberg, who encourages technology users to take control. The author, an Emmy-nominated journalist and self-rehabbed gaming and social-network addict, urges the plugged-in public to recognize the impact technology is having on their self-esteem, relationships and health. Technology, writes the author, should allow people to work smarter, not harder. It should provide them with more down time, but not consume it. Rather than berating people for their tech obsession, though, Sieberg shares his own fall into compulsive computering and his subsequent struggle to make time off-screen. He outlines his four-step, 28-day plan that instructs readers to take back control through “positive computing” and constructive time-management. The author is aware that one size does not fit all, and he provides a flexible tech cleanse that readers can employ as they see fit. Packed with helpful tips, examples of exercises one can do while incorporating their gadgets and recommendations for apps and software that help achieve positive technology management, Sieberg sets the reader on a path for success.

Take control over technology with this energetic, engaging and uplifting read.

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