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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Book Is What Donald Trump and Dr. Oz Have in Common

Title: 5 Minute Motivator
Author: Dr. Eric Kaplan 
Both Donald Trump and Dr. Oz have Dr. Eric Kaplan's books.

This story is unique in that it is a love story, a story of survival, dedication and positive thinking. After Dr. Kaplan and his wife were 100% paralyzed by Botox injections (Dying to Be Young, #1 Bestseller.

The couple were recently featured on Dr. Oz and hopes to appear on the show again with his new book. They have also appeared on Good Morning America, Primetime Live, CNN Anderson Cooper, Montel Williams, andThe Insider, just to name just a few. With his new book again he is expecting to do many shows which will be mutually beneficial.

The 5 Minute Motivator clearly demonstrates the power of goal setting, affirmations, positive mental attitude, love, commitment, while being of service to others. The 5 Minute Motivator is a book about self-empowerment, self-actualization, and success manifestation using spiritual short stories to portray the principles and conscious tools and techniques.

From Such Seeds of Adversity Can Come your Greatest Triumphs...

5 Minute Motivator was the result as they turned tragedy into a dream come true. It includes simple yet powerful steps you can follow to infuse your own life with treater abundance, joy, and happiness.

Dr. Kaplan believes you were born with everything you need to heal yourself. After millions of years of evolution, your body is equipped for any challenge that comes its way: germs, cancer cells, you name it. But a huge, profit-driven medical establishment has been built around healing from the outside in, instead of inside out. When you buy this book today, you'll also receive Dr Kaplan's other book - Imagine two books for the price of one plus 150 bonus gifts! 5 Minutes to Wellness will open up your power of self-healing and The 5 Minute Motivator, will motivate you to do so. Dr. Kaplan outlines a step-by-step, approach by committing "5 Minutes a day."

In "5 Minutes" a day:

  • you can live the life you dreamed.
  • you can be healthier.
  • you can be happier.
  • you could remove the toxins that are in your body.
  • you could lose 10 pounds--and more.
  • you could help others.
  • you could own your own business.
  • you could make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

Take that one step further. Follow in the great steps of Michael Jordan, and make winning a habit. This book will teach you how. Check it out now!

~ Book Tour by Denise Cassino
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