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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cozy Winter Reading Recs from Mindy Lawrence

Mindy Phillips Lawrence helps me edit my Sharing with Writers newsletter and writes a regular "Itty Bitty" column for it. Last issue she shared some of her recommendations for winter reading. See below. And if you'd like to receive the newsletter for great articles and tips on all things writing send a SUBSCRIBE message to

Mindy's Recommendation for Cozy Winter Reading
By Mindy Phillips Lawrence

One of the best activities to participate in when the wind and snow are blowing is reading. We have such a wealth of ways to read these days: Kindle’s, Nooks, other e-readers and actual books with pages to turn and covers to cuddle.

I’ve been reading a lot of nonfiction lately and thought I’d share both that and other works that I’ve finally gotten around to.

Pauline Kael: A Life in the Dark, Brian Kellow

Kindle and hardcover editions

Viking Adult

ISBN-13: 978-0670023127

Kael was the long-running film critic at New Yorker magazine who liked what she liked and disliked what she didn’t like—and didn’t mince words about it. I remember seeing her on TV when I was younger.  I didn’t always agree with her but I loved the way she wrote. This is an interesting book on her slow but steady trip up the writing ladder.


Kindle and paperback editions


ISBN-13: 978-0684857916

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award, this story is about a third-rate newspaper hack that loses his wife and must deal with his two emotionally disturbed daughters.


Kindle and paperback editions

West Hill Press

ISBN-13: 978-1933512860

Based on actual historical evidence, The Breath of God is the fictional adventure of the search for ancient documents that could link the world’s great religious faiths.


Kindle and hardcover

Henry Holt

ISBN-13: 978-0805086935

Beginning with a letter sent to Vonnegut in 2006 asking permission to write a biography on him, Shields wrote the book based on 1500 letters to or from Vonnegut discovered after his death.

Many interesting books are coming out that make great winter reads. Whether you read fiction or nonfiction, Kindle or hardbound, let me know what YOU are reading on these chilly nights!

~ Mindy Phillips Lawrence,, is the author of the poetry collections One Blue Star and Above and Below. She is co-author of The Complete Writer, an editor and a publicist. She is in the process of putting together an e-book and paperback based on her Itty-Bitty Column for Sharing with Writers. Blogging at: She is also working on a book for the Military Writers Society of America on war correspondents. Her specialty is helping writers with their media releases. Reach her at

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