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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Learn to Be Successful

360 Degrees of Influence: 
Subtitle: Get Everyone to Follow Your Lead on Your Way to the Top
By NYT Bestselling author Harrison Monarth
Nonfiction: Self-Help

What is
“360 Degree Influence”?

“360 Degree Influence” is Harrison Monarth’s term for the ability to influence those above
you, and
you. No matter what your role is in this world, this influence powerfully
determines what you accomplish with your life.

With the possible exception of the U.S. president, every one of us has people “above”
us in power. How do you gain their confidence and respect, to give you more
responsibility, or money, or love, or whatever it is you seek?

Then there are those around you. People at your general level of power. Your peers in business, your spouse or significant other, your friends.

Finally, there are those “beneath” you. Not, of course, in their value as human beings,
but in authority. Perhaps they work for you, or serve on a committee under you.
You can even put your KIDS in this category. How do you become someone they

ANYONE can benefit from 360 Degree Influence . . . whether you are:

In a work environment with people above and beneath you

Someone who wants more influence among friends or social group

A member of a committee, charity, PTA or other group

An entrepreneur, building or running a business

A mom or dad wanting respect from kids, spouse and relatives

you really
to be influential?

You’ve known them yourself: people who can walk into a room and command the attention and respect of others. Here’s the strange part: it’s not always that they’re
rich, powerful or great-looking. It’s the way they speak, move, interact with

Believe it or not, you can LEARN to have this sort of influence. And once you do, there
is nothing you cannot achieve!

“No longer limited to the sphere of superheroes and CEOs, the extraordinary power of
influence is now within everyone’s reach . . . all can benefit from Monarth’s
simple steps for getting everyone to follow your lead.”
Marshall Goldsmith, million-selling author of the New York Times Bestsellers  “MOJO” and
“What Got You Here Won't Get You There”

You’ll learn to:

Assess your current influencing power

Address your weak spots in communicating with authority

Overcome resistance to your ideas

“Read” other people – so you always know the right approach

Make your opinions heard and respected

Project authority and power to those around you

click on this link for more information, ordering and free gifts!

Gandhi, to FDR, to Henry Ford!

Think of people throughout history who impress you with their power to influence
others, to lead, to make things happen.

You’ll  notice one thing they all have in common. They were able to win the respect of
those above and around them as they rose to prominence, and the power to lead
those beneath them once they got there. Perfect examples of 360 Degree

This principle remains true whether you are talking about business, political or
religious leaders, or “regular folks” who just want to get ahead at work or in
their social circle. There is no such thing as a person who doesn’t somehow
benefit from learning the secret of 360 Degree Influence!

principles even apply to love and friendship

Yes, the principles of 360 Degree Influence even work for relationships.
Like it or not, there’s a subtle power structure in every relationship, whether
well-established or brand new. The same influence that makes a boss or employee
respect you can be applied to a new love interest or friend.
are magnetically attracted to confidence and social

Harrison Monarth

Harrison Monarth is a leader in the field of persuasive communication. He is the founder and
president of GuruMaker, an internationally-respected communications consulting
firm that coaches Fortune 500 executives, international politicians and other
high-level professionals at such organizations as Intel, the American Heart
Association, Cisco Systems, Merrill Lynch, NASA and the U.S. Congress.
Harrison’s first book, “The Confident Speaker,” was a New York Times Bestseller.
In March 2011, Harrison joined the faculty of the prestigious Institute for
Management Studies, Chicago, where he instructs Fortune 500

With this new book, Harrison brings his principles of powerfully influencing others
to everyone from executives, to entrepreneurs, to charity volunteers, to
students, to stay-at-home moms!

PS. The book will be available to the general public later for the same price,
without the free gifts. So I urge you to order it today!

click on this link for more information, ordering and free bonuses!

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