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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fantasy: One Even the Mature Reader Will Love

Title: The Otherworld
Author: Margo Martin Benning
Publisher: Advocate House,
An imprint of A Cappela Publishing, Sarasota, FL
ISBN: 978-0-9846177-8-4

Reviewed by: Jodi Grant

Ever wished you could leave your life behind and find happiness and romance in another world? So did Jenny McQueen, 60 year old widow and former shop owner who found no sparkle to her life in Omniville, Ohio – when suddenly her damned cell phone rang yet again as she battled rain, traffic, telemarketers, and hidden keys in her effort to reach a dental appointment she was late for. This was not the usual tin can ring. It was harp music. She answered irritably, only to hear a wise wizardly voice invite her to The Otherworld.

In Jenny’s many trips to this magical kingdom she encounters mythical animals, fairy-tale people, and her own personal dragons. And, of course, Jenny ends up living happily ever after.

This wise, witty Jungian tale of rebirth and rediscovery is truly a tale of enchantment for the disenchanted.

Available through your favorite bookstore or at


       ~Learn more about the author: Margo Martin Benning grew up in Connecticut in a house with a library filled with a fantasy of illustrated books. Encouraged by her bibliophile father and her artist mother, the world of legends and fairy tales became her otherworld.

Much later, when she moved to Sarasota, Florida, she opened a small gift shop called Unicorn Crossing and subsequently several similar stores, in Sarasota and on Siesta Key. Books, mostly metaphysical, were added along with twinkling lights and ethereal music. Margo was still searching for her otherworld.

When her last shops, Daystar and Moonflowers, closed, Margo turned to some of the educational programs for retirees. She was especially interested in the work of psychologist Carl Jung, which opened up new ways of understanding the otherworld as a mirror of our own psyche.

And besides, it can be lots of fun to hang out with wizards, talking horses and techie leprechauns

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