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Sunday, August 5, 2012

BestChickLit Reviewer Shares Goddess Rising

Title: Goddess Rising
Author: Melissa Bowersock
Web: www.newmoonrising.netGenre: spiritual fiction
ISBN: 1448677734

Reviewed by Elizabeth Wright originally  for

What they say:
'Civilization as we know it has been destroyed, not through war or asteroid impact, but by a geologic holocaust of planetary proportions. The scattered survivors live simply, primitively, bonded to the earth and the Great Goddess. Their one hope lies in the dream-given prophecy that Greer the Sibling, a female savior, will rise and restore them to greatness.

An epic and magical story of one woman's exceptional destiny during exceptional times, Goddess Rising follows Greer's journey from simply obscurity to her prophesied reign. Acknowledged as the face of the Goddess on earth, Greer discovers the rewards of power-and the price-as she struggles through her own labyrinth of fear and desire, sexuality and sacrifice, love and death.'

What we (  say - review by Elizabeth Wright:As spiritual fiction goes this novel does exactly what it is supposed to do. It has the reader questioning their own life, their own beliefs and wondering how it would all work if things were different. On the surface this is a good read. The narrative flows nicely and it ticks all the boxes of romance, challenge and resolution. But this is not a book to just pass the time of day with. It questions everything from a woman’s place in a work environment to the sex of a deity and everything in between.

Goddess Rising is ultimately a feminist stance on the Garden of Eden, as Bowersock recreates religion by resetting the world back to basics. To be at one with nature and have an entirely open mind is the ideal and every individual character is valued for the skill that they bring to the community. The reader is taken on the heroine’s journey, learning about the world as she does and Bowersock certainly has a knack for creating a believable fantasy. Through the trials and tribulations of our heroine, Greer, you cannot help but make comparisons with the real world. Overall this book is ideal for anyone searching for an insight into a world run by women.

~Author Melissa Bowersock also blogs at
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