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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ralph Zernoff Writes Self-Empowering Novel

Title: All-That-Is
Author: Raphael Zernoff
Genre: Inspirational/Self-Empowering Novel
ISBN 978-1-291-09787-0


The book presents a story of a young man Tnesdog (god-sent, spelling in reverse) who belongs to an ancient family, who treasures a secret knowledge about humanity.

The world is not what most of us have been taught about it, according to the storyline. In ancient times, there were many powerful and highly developed civilisations who emerged and disappeared leaving various pieces of information for posterity. The remote past of humanity explains where we come from, and what we are capable of.

Anaid (Diana in reverse) a descendent from the forgotten continent of Mu, and later Atlantis, identifies Tnesdog as the one who will embrace the knowledge of Ra and then hand it down to his fellow humans, who prefer to live in a new reality free of fear and limitation. While assimilating the information in the form of energy that expands one's consciousness, his life radically transforms from an average jaded life to an explosion of synchronicity surrounded by wealth and self-acceptance.

The approach to the crossing of the threshold of 2012 creates a perfect opportunity to share the knowledge of all-that-is with others. Tnesdog learns that it is the time of a splitting-prism. It means that now all human desires and preferences are being magnified. Hence, those embracing more joy in free expression, and other creative means, will experience even more of the same. Conversely, those who choose to stay in the lower energy will experience the passage of time in a magnified lower energy manner. Tensdog learns that everyone may choose in what fashion they prefer to cross the threshold year.

What the reader can find in this book is a point of view that emerges from a diverse myriad of other points of view. This is the royal way to illumination. Namely, the understanding that everything is a part of one the same existence. Therefore, all points of view are valid and once you know it, you may choose what you prefer without invalidating other perspectives that are not compatible with your preference in any given moment. The author encourages the reader not to believe in, and blindly accept anything that he says, or you might learn from the protagonist. Readers are encouraged to observe what works for Tnesdog, and to then see what works for them. If it brings bliss, happiness, wealth and an exciting adventure, it may be a good idea to follow it, if this is what one prefers. At the same time if the recipients feel that they are not ready for change, and they prefer to continue their lives full of suffering, problems and self-devaluation, it would not be taken away from them, because it is an equal choice they have made. It is up to them how they want to lead their lives.

ALL-THAT-IS by Raphael Zernoff, a new inspirational novel available on paperback&ebook

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