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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Maryetta Johnson Reviews New Barbara Mitchell Book on Stress


Title: Ten Powerful Stress Busters for the BAM VP Woman in You
Author: Barbara Mitchell, DCH
Author Site:
Category: Nonfiction/Self Help/Women's Health
Ebook ISBN: 978-0-9820209-4-4
Kindle Edition
Book Link:

Reviewed by Maryetta Johnson originally for Amazon

Reviewer's rating: 5.0 stars

This book taught me there is a counter-stress technique for every stressful situation which can be performed in a very few minutes at a moment's notice. Eight of the 10 methods included don't cost one red cent and only hypnosis would require a practitioner to get started, while aromatherapy would be an inexpensive investment for great peace of mind and joyous sensations.

Each chapter starts with an inspirational quote that sets the tone for the technique to be performed after reading background information about its proven scientific efficacy. Then we're told how to perform the technique and where to find further information about it. Thanks to the internet we can be transported instantly to the recommended websites while reading the book, or easily visit recommended YouTube sites later. It's a roundup of valuable information and although I've been very successful at practicing stress-reduction techniques for many years, the book gave me renewed fired-up motivation to keep doing what I'm doing and it taught me several new tricks as well.

For anyone who is new to stress management and who is committed to improving their health and the quality of their life, this book will save them from having to do years of research. Just like I always carry my purse for survival whenever I leave the house, now I also always carry the book's recommended techniques of BAM VP a handy acronym that reminds me where to start de-stressing and how to move through the process. So whether I'm stuck in traffic or negotiating with a used car salesman I know how to Breathe (deeply), Affirm (my goodness and that of others), Meditate, Visualize (my nervous system responds immediately to pictures of success), Progressively release excess tension from head to toe. Then I feel that I become the book's alternate version of the acronym which is Become A More Vibrant Person because, as the book says, stress can work for me making my life sweeter.

I can see how this book would also work for teenagers in preparing them to handle a lifetime of stressful situations. And men will also benefit from understanding the way stress works and how to control or to manage it.

 ~Learn more about Barbara Mitchell DCH, author of Ten Powerful Stress Busters When You Need a Timeout at:


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