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Thursday, April 4, 2013

MuseItUp Author Publishes New Romantic Thriller

By: Kim Cresswell
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing
eBook ISBN: 978-1-77127-256-8
Publication Date: January 2013
Genres: Suspense, Thriller, Romance
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Reviewed by: Ellen Fritz at Books4Tomorrow
Ellen's star rating:  5/5


Florida investigative reporter, Whitney Steel, has lived in the shadow of her legendary father long enough. To prove herself she needs to find the “Big” story.
She found it.
Now it may kill her.
After Whitney receives a lead pointing to the world’s first cloned human, now a small child, she vows to unravel the truth. However, sifting through the facts proves to have dangerous results, including death threats and murder.
When Whitney is nearly killed, but is saved by undercover FBI Special Agent, Blake Neely, he refuses to let her get in the way of his own objective—at least not right away.
Caught in a lethal game between a billionaire obsessed with genetic perfection, his hit man’s thirst for retribution, and a Colombian drug lord fresh out of prison determined to make Blake pay for his twin brother’s death over a decade ago…
Can they save an innocent child before it’s too late?
Faced with tough choices, with deadly consequences for many—Whitney soon realizes that sometimes a story becomes more than just a story.

Review by Ellen Fritz originally for Books4Tomorrow

A truly edge-of-your-seat, never-a-dull-moment read. Reflection has a dramatic start and just never slows down. When her ex-husband is killed while trying to tell her something important, investigative reporter, Whitney Steel, realizes that she may be on to the story of a lifetime. Too bad then that Nathan Shaw, Blake Neely and an enemy from her past want to prevent her obtaining the information for her story; and at the heart of all this, an innocent child.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book as it moves forward all the time with no lengthy descriptions or angsty inner dialogue. The romance in the story is tastefully written and skillfully distributed throughout the book so as to enhance rather than interfere with the main storyline.

The characters are fleshed out and vividly described thus giving the reader captivating mental images that truly makes the story come alive. I love a strong female protagonist who can hold her own, kick butt and doesn't indulge in self pity. Whitney Steel is exactly that. Blake Neely, the male protagonist, is extremely realistic with his inner battles about keeping Whitney safe, the death of his sister and, ultimately, his own mission. Let's not forget the bad guys in this story. Ruthless, mean and self-serving are just some of the adjectives that come to mind. Add to that vengeful and the author has some truly nasty but highly realistic antagonists to give our heroes a run for their money.

I highly recommend this five-star page-turner to those who love a suspense laden novel with constant action and well balanced romance. The extra complication at the end gives this book a unique quality, and, oops, let me stop before I give too much away! As the book has a slightly open end, let's hope that we'll soon see another book by the highly gifted Kim Cresswell. Ellen Fritz - Books4Tomorrow

What Others are Saying

Reflection is an edge-of-your-seat suspense, with gut-wrenching emotion, and sexual tension that has you turning the page to see how it all turns out. This was one of the best suspense stories I've read, and Nathan Shaw is a villian you'll love to hate!” - Jerri Drennen, Author (Amazon Review)

Reflection is a fast-paced thriller with something for every reader: scientific experiments, murderous encounters, and a complicated love story. Kim Cresswell’s debut work will leave you hanging on every page in a world where every word counts, every man’s word is suspect, and those ‘three little words’ mean more than anything when all is revealed.” -M.K. Chester, author of Surrender to the Roman (Carina Press)

Glad to know there is a sequel coming as I really liked this one. The plot had a lot of typical Rom Sus elements, but somehow the whole was very fresh to me. The greatest element of the story for me was that the heroine, Whitney Steel (great name!) was believable mixture of being strong,and capable but vulnerable and sometimes misguided. The story was exciting and definitely left me wanting more!” -Lhenry (Goodreads Review) (

About the Author

Award-wining author, Kim Cresswell resides in Ontario, Canada. Trained as a legal assistant, Kim has been a storyteller all her life but took many detours including; working for a private investigator, running a graphic design business, and teaching computer classes at a local business school. After becoming disabled with Fibromyalgia and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome, Kim returned to her first love, writing.

She's also an avid reader who enjoys playing computer games, ghost hunting and loves anything paranormal.

Kim has a few new books in the works including; Retribution, the sequel to Reflection, slated for October. Lethal Journey, a suspense thriller, will be released later this summer.

Twitter: @kimcresswell

REFLECTION - A reporter's determination to expose an illegal human cloning project places an innocent child in the crosshairs of a master criminal. 
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Marian Lanouette said...

Reflection was an awesome read and I too am looking forward to more works by this author.

Kim Cresswell said...

Thanks, Marian. :)

Pat McDermott said...

What great reviews! I look forward to reading this one.

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Thanks for the great review! I love thriller!

Dee M. said...

What a lovely review. Might pick this up in a week along with 3 other books that's I've been eyeing whilst hunting reviews all over.