Monday, June 24, 2013

Clinical Psychologist Examines Inspirational Anthology

Title: Tales2Inspire
Subtitle: Beyond Coincidence
From (The Emerald Collection)
Authors: Lois W. Stern, Dr. Stan Cupery, Cmi Ann Hofstadter,, Erica Kosal Ph.D, Tina Chippas, Anne Knorr, James Osborne, Heidi DuPreee, donna Surface, Glenn Poveromo
Created and edited by Lois W. Stern
Genre: Non-fiction, inspirational

Blurb: Is there really such a thing as coincidence? Or could there be an unknown force, a higher order, taking charge? These are thoughts you are likely to question as you read this collection of inspiring stories of “six degrees of separation” true tales of happenings experienced by winning authors from across the globe. Tales2Inspire is an  “Authors Helping Authors” project/contest developed by Lois W. Stern, which provides talented writers with several excellent platform building opportunities - all for free.

Review from Karen Pirnot: Posted on

Do you believe there's a reason for everything? Do you think people come into our lives (and leave) for a reason? Well, if so, this book is an inspiration for you all!

Come inside and meet those who have faced life squarely and are here to share their stories - stories filled with messages of hope and inspiration. You will meet a skilled physician, unable to revive a nearly frozen newborn baby girl, who discovers a lifesaving solution during a moment of prayer. You will read about two elephants, so deeply bonded in their early years together, who display beyond human emotion when unexpectedly reunited after a separation of over 22 years. Lastly, you will marvel at the story of an orphan adopted by a family who offers him a million-to-one chance of having a fulfilling life.

These are real life stories, sometimes gut-wrenching, but always leaving the reader with a sense of newness and unwavering belief in something greater than us all. No matter your formal belief system (or not), you just can't help but come away thinking there is so much in this universe totally outside of our control and yet, something there to offer a hand-up along the way.

The tales do inspire. They bring you to your knees and then, they lift you up again. Congratulations to Lois W. Stern for bringing together ordinary people with extraordinary tales. The writers are not celebrities found in the tabloids. Rather, they are the common people who, when adversity strikes, are there to comfort and to facilitate healing.

Reviewer Dr. Karen Hutchins Pirnot is a Clinical Psychologist/Author, As I Am and Just a Common Lady

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