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Monday, September 2, 2013

Awakening the Harmony Within Touring Online

Title – Awakening the Harmony Within : How to Create with Spirit
Author – Eugenia Oganova
Author's website link -
Genre or category – Spiritual/Self Help
ISBN-10: 0979381711
ISBN-13: 978-0979381713
At some point in time, every person arrives at an understanding that material life is not all that there is.  Questions like “there must be something more than this?!” and “what is my purpose, why am I here?” begin to surface. If you are one of these people ,then this book is for you.

By clearing resistance to being a spiritual adult, by taking responsibility not only for our actions, but also for our emotions, our thoughts, and our beliefs, we begin walking the Soul path of Harmony. By facing the circumstances of our lives and learning through them, we dutifully study the lessons inside of our material classroom. As this is occurringwe remember more of our spiritual journey beyond this lifetime – past, parallel, future lifetimes – because the identity of this lifetime expands to incorporate the larger Self of the Soul, the Divine Mind is activated and knowledge that is not linear becomes readily available.

I endeavor to explain, in detail, conceptual systems which are required in order to move out of survival and on into conscious, harmonious with Spirit, living. I also describe, in detail, what the practical steps are that can be undertaken to make this possible. This fascinating upward evolutionary movement between levels of consciousness requires effort, a focused intention to remain aware, Self-Love, and Self-Responsibility. Following this leads to Awakening the Harmony Within.

What People Are saying About
Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit

As a person who regularly reads titles related to metaphysics and spiritual growth, I usually know in fairly short order whether a book I've begun to read is going to resonate with me or not. It only took reading the first chapter of "Awakening the Harmony Within" for me to be deeply drawn into the balance of it. In the context of this work the author addresses many very complex metaphysical subjects that, in many instances, I'd never encountered previously. Even with twenty years of walking the path of spiritual growth, I am delighted to report that I was able to learn a lot from this book. Ms. Oganova is clearly an expert in her field, and based on my experience in reading this work I now also look forward to reading her first book, "Mission Alpha."

From Jeff Maziarek, author of Spirituality Simplified

In a very direct and concise way, in her newest book "Awakening the Harmony Within," Eugenia Oganova explains what others have only touched upon. This book digs deeply beyond surface explanations to reveal aspects of the puzzle of Life that I have never seen or heard described before. With compassion and heartfelt insight, Eugenia shows us how to progress in our evolution. "Awakening the Harmony Within" describes in detail how to "stand at the edge of what is coming" with new awareness that comes from looking at life from the expanded perspective of the Soul. In a powerful and impactful way, this book gave me the metaphysical context (conceptual framework) and the practical tools. The first time I read it, I had to lie down and "rest" (integrate the information) after the first 50 pages. The second time, I could swear that certain sentences were not there when I read it the first time... I am going for my third read in the next few days. Who knows what I will find!

From Eugenia Oganova

I have always felt myself to be “on a mission” of enlightenment – for myself, others, and the planet. My clairvoyant abilities allow me to have an intimate relationship with Earth, the Galaxy, and the Universe, which have never felt far away to me. Being able to perceive the multidimensionality of universal energy, I live in a perpetual experience of Source’s Light/Code in every moment, parallel to regular life’s circumstances, thoughts and feelings. The holographic nature of our reality was apparent to me from birth, and the exploration of that hologram became my life’s work.

I have studied science, history, archaeology and astronomy in Russia and in the U.S. and have a BFA degree from the Art Institute of Boston. I am an autodidact in anatomy and biology, nuclear physics, archaeology, ancient history and mythology, metaphysics and Theosophy. I now live in Maine with my husband, and have a company called Pravda, Inc. (which means “truth” in Russian). For over twenty years now, using my ability to see and read energy, I help people figure out solutions to many life’s challenges through my books, seminars, and private sessions.

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Nikki said...

Thank you for sharing information about Awakening the Harmony Within by Eugenia Oganova - she shares great information for people who are searching for more in their life...

Eugenia said...

Carolyn, thank you for hosting me on your blog :)I really hope that my book will help people understand themselves and how to create what they truly desire in their lives!
With Love - Eugenia