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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Psychologist Pens First Psychological Mystery

Title: Shadow Play
Author: D.A. Lampi
Publisher: North Star Press
Genre: Mystery
ISBN: 0878396896
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Reviewed by Annelyse Blatch originally for Everything Books and Authors

Synopsis: Shadow Play: 
Psychiatrist Grace Rendeau struggles to make sense of her husband’s untimely death. Left a widow with two children, Grace forges a new life for her family, abandoning her private practice and moving to Minnesota to take on a prestigious position at the Rochester Forensic Center for the Criminally Insane, work that will allow her to spend more time with her children.
At the Center Grace is immersed in a maelstrom of lives in disarray, the anguish and struggle of the inmates to regain a footing in sanity and face the devastating consequences of their criminal actions. In striving to heal her patients, Grace herself finds healing, a new strength, and a sense of possibilities.
Among the possibilities is a budding romance with Alex Sawyer, a divorced doctor engaged in humanitarian work. Romance blossoms into love and Grace accompanies Alex on a medical mission to Indonesia. They return committed to a new life together.
But their joy is short lived. Grace returns home not to her children, but to an empty House – and a chilling kidnapper’s note. It makes no demands and holds out no hope for the return of the children. It is clearly an act of pure vengeance.
Suspects are legion: a disgruntled security guard at the center with a grudge against Grace; Alex’s bitter ex-wife; a recently escaped insane inmate. Enemies known and unknown haunt Grace’s every waking hour. Where are her children? What has happened to them? Who is attempting to destroy her?
Grace’s riveting story illuminates the hopes and fears of every wife or husband, mother or father, woman or man, caught in life’s turmoil and striving to overcome it.


Bart King of crime Book Beat reviewed An Unfortunate Death and gave it a and a very favorable review, saying, "...it's a conventional wisdom that the kids of shrinks are whacked. Ms. Lampi knowingly examines such a case  using her protagonist to reveal the potentially malignant impacts of an analysts's own talents turned inward. The author does so in a 'lite' romantic style. She avoids excessive belligerence and eschews bump-and-grind intimacies. Rather, she builds her mystery, increases tensions and evolves relationships through cinematic-like crafting. I look froward to future installments."

Other reviews: 

Everything Books and Authors, reviewed by Annelyse Blatch. 

I have been very lucky to receive some fantastic debut novels to review and I was not let down by Debbie Lampi's `Shadow Play'. This beautifully written novel deserves a lot of praise. Fast paced and not lacking in suspense, I would recommend this novel to any adult who likes quality time with a good mystery.

The characters are strong and well written with air of secrecy about all of them. They each have a past that laces them together even during conflict. Bud appears rough and malicious but is he really? Josie always has an excuse. What is her purpose? Is Alex really who he says he is?

Grace is a psychiatrist healing from the death of her beloved husband 2 years prior and raising her children, Dane the innocent 5yr old boy who loves dinosaurs and Caleigh, the typical moody teenager... or is she? Beginning a new job in a new town, Grace hopes this will be healing for them all as she is finding her place in the world as a widow, trying to put one foot in front in of the other and get to Dane's ball games on time. Earth shattering events take place that both full her with love and emptiness at the same time. Grace must overcome her fears and doubts if she is to have any future. From Minnesota to Indonesia and Puerto Rico, Debbie Lampi takes us on a journey of self-discovery entwined with the all-enduring mothers love. Can it conquer all?

Other Blurbs: 

“A gripping story of one woman’s struggle amid life’s best hopes and worst fears, full of drama, intrigue and suspense, and rich with insight into the complexities of the human spirit.”
Paul Negri, former president and publisher of Dover Publications, Inc.
“No author writing today knows the unexpected dark corners of the human mind like Debbie Lampi. Ms. Lampi proves this point with terrifying conviction in her page-turner Shadow Play, a new psychological thriller that puts the tenacious and vulnerable Grace Rendeau, MD in the cross hairs of a quietly individual. Miss a night’s sleep, but don’t miss this one!”
John Klawitter, Hollywood Writer/Director
D.A. Lampi probes the psyche of her characters in a voyeuristic and sensual way. Shadow Play is a novel (based) on the complexity, beauty, and darkness of the human soul.
Annelie Wendeberg
Author of The Devil’s Grin


 I attended New York University and The New School for Social Research where I earned a Master of Arts in psychology. I am a member of Sisters in Crime and the Twin Cities Sisters in Crime. My first novel, Shadow Play, was published by North Star Press in June 2013.

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Dianna Winget said...

Wow, this sounds like one exciting book. Congratulations, Eleanor! I'll be sure to check it out. www.diannawinget.com

Dianna Winget said...

Wow, this sounds like an exciting book. Congratulations, Eleanor! I'll be sure to check this one out.