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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bible and Nature Reviewed

Title: Snapshots: Focus on Nature in the Bible

Author: Laurie Chance Smith

Genre: Nonfiction- Bible and Nature

Publisher: Review & Herald Publishing (September 1, 2012)

ISBN-10: 0828026890

ISBN-13: 978-0828026895

Where to buy: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, AdventistBookCenter.com, iTunes

Reviewed by Diane Geiser

It’s mind boggling to consider that certain trees that graced the earth when Jesus lived are still alive today. Identical flowers sprouted, familiar insects buzzed, and similar winds blew. “The Bible’s nature stories provide living links to the Biblical world,” writes author Laurie Chance Smith in her new book, “Snapshots: Focus on Nature in the Bible.” Through fascinating facts like “manna looked like the spice coriander,” “Snapshots” breathes life into the ancient world offering a deeper understanding of Scripture.

An accomplished writer, photographer, and avid gardener, Chance Smith explores the Biblical natural world in six sections covering everything from seeds, herbs, flowers, bread, honey, beasts and insects to water, air, fire, celestial bodies and the seasons. When she looked for a book that explored the connections between nature and Scripture, she couldn’t find one and began to write. While “Snapshots” is brimming with Scripture, Chance Smith also skillfully weaves in quotes and stories that offer insights into our present-day world, our Creator, ourselves—and the connections among them.

Readers of all ages will enjoy this active devotional, written simply enough for children to understand, yet engaging enough for adults to enjoy. Homeschoolers, children’s ministers, and teachers will find “Snapshots” an effective tool to augment their students’ knowledge of Scripture and its meaning in their lives. Each chapter concludes with a prayer, a scripture verse to contemplate, and a call to action.

Chance Smith says, “For people who don’t know God or want to feel closer to God, nature is the best place to find that connection. Trees show us God’s stability and strength. Animals show us God’s tenderness. In the sun, moon and stars, we see that God has no limits. In nature, all things have a purpose. There is order, but there is flexibility and change. There are phases. In nature, we can see ourselves—where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going. Nature inspires us to discover God’s purpose for our lives.” With its conversational style and accessible content, "Snapshots" is the perfect guidebook for the journey.
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