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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Editor Review O'Callan's Third Book

Title – "Other People"
Author – Kelly O’Callan
Author's website link - http://www.facebook.com/kelly.ocallan?fref=ts&ref=br_tf
Publisher: Kelly O'Callan; First edition (April 11, 2014)
Genre or category - Contemporary Fiction
ISBN-10: 1496095537
ISBN-13: 978-1496095534
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Reviewer: Nina Meditz, Editor

I am Nina Meditz, editor and friend of the author, Kelly O'Callan. Her first and second books, "Breaking Limbo” and “The Cardholder,” were published just a few months ago. Both books are doing very well and getting great reviews from readers on Amazon and Good Reads. Now, Kelly has just released her third novel, “Other People,” which promises to be just as successful as the others. As the editor, I have had to read “Other People” several times in the process of getting it ready for publication. I can honestly say that I never tire of the story and characters and find I get more out of the book with each reading. Kelly’s captivating writing style holds a reader’s interest and leaves them wanting more.

Other People is about a young woman, named Ginny Hughes, who suffers from a mental condition called borderline personality disorder. She desperately tries to fit in with "other people,' but her disorder prevents this from happening. Her fragile mental state leaves her very vulnerable, afraid and insecure in the world. She is easily hurt and driven to suicidal thoughts. Through her interaction with her neighbors, Vance, Nina and Jim we get a an in depth look at Ginny's daily internal, chaotic dialogue and her struggle. The characters are well developed and the story is full of the unexpected twists and turns typical of Kelly's work. 


Kelly’s love affair with novel writing began with an English class in college, when she penned her first contemporary fiction novel, “Other People”. Shortly afterwards, she wrote the suspense-filled psychological thriller, “The Cardholder”. Feeling she had a wonderful gift to share – storytelling fused with fruitful life lessons for mankind- she became a member of the Bucks County Writers Room and attended several Philadelphia Writers Conferences.

Kelly’s pursuit of publication was put on hold when she suffered two disabling car accidents in less than a year, requiring over twenty surgeries within a six year period. In the meantime, she married and is raising two boys in a suburb of Philadelphia, PA. After a ten year hiatus, she published her first book, “Breaking Limbo”, a paranormal psychological thriller, in September, 2013 and her second book, The Cardholder, a psychological suspense thriller, in November, 2013. Her third book, Other People, is now available for sale on Amazon.

You can read my review of Kelly's first novel, "Breaking Limbo" at http://thenewbookreview.blogspot.com/2013/09/editor-is-fan-and-reviewer-for-new.html   and my review of her second novel, "The Cardholder" at http://thenewbookreview.blogspot.com/2013/11/editor-reviews-authors-second-suspense.html

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for publishing my review of Kelly's new book, Other People. We are very pleased with the reviews it has gotten on Amazon and all three of her books are doing very well, which is a testament to Kelly's gift as a writer. We love and appreciate this website for helping self published authors get the word out. Thanks again.

Kelly O'Donnell said...

Wonderful review! Well done, Nina. Thank you. :-)