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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bob Rich Reviews Psychologist's Self-Help for Anxiety Disorders

Book Title:  “Calm Ground: Grounding tools to help you feel safe and solid in the present”
Author:         Megan Williams
Website:      www.calmground.com
Where to buy book:  Available on Megan’s website
Genre:        Self help for anxiety, stress and trauma.
ISBN:          978-0-646-90948-6
Publisher:  Self Published

Reviewed by Bob Rich originally for his newsletter “Bobbing Around”

Modern society is designed to make us dissatisfied, worried, unhappy. Contented people don’t need to buy things. So, we all need tools apart from retail therapy to relieve distress.

Nearly on third of people will qualify for a diagnosis of an anxiety disorder at one time or another, and people in the “normal” range also suffer stress and anxiety far more than is good for them. So, Calm Ground by Megan Williams is an invaluable tool for most people.

This little book is a plain language primer on anxiety disorders, and evidence-based techniques for dealing with them, but it’s more than that. It is also a collection of magnificent photos of Australian landscapes including peaceful forests, beaches and mountain streams. Understanding is also aided by helpful diagrams. The pictures are tools for self-soothing.

Although relevant psychological theory is explained, the words and concepts are simple enough for a high school student to follow.

There are useful exercises that anyone can do. They will help at times of anxiety and worry, and more generally will lead to inner peace.

So, do yourself a favour and study this mini-manual, and follow its suggestions.

Megan is a  registered psychologist.


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Dr Bob Rich said...

Megan, I am delighted that you've had this review accepted by Carolyn. Only, great editor that I am, I picked up a typo in my own writing!

Dr Bob Rich said...

Megan, the author of this book, has tried to comment, but Google has refused her entry for now. Here it is:

Dear Carolyn

Thank you for including Bob's generous review of my book Calm Ground on your book review site.

My website www.calmground.com is very attractive with a photo gallery of nature pics, an inbuilt blog, and an excerpt of my book to give you further info about what Calm Ground offers. The book is a very reasonably priced $18 plus postage.

Happy reading whatever your preferred genre.

Kind regards

Megan Williams M.Psych
Author: Calm Ground

syman smith said...

I read your blog ,it is very interesting as self help play very pivotal role in human life .