Thursday, December 11, 2014

Empath Continues Path of Helping Others with New Book

Title: The Sensitivity Factor:
Subtitle: The Missing Piece of Understanding Our Health
Author: Janice Carlin
Author Website:
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Genre: health/wellness

Reviewed by: Matthew  originally for Amazon

This book has been helpful to me in understanding my own
hypersensitivity. It is a good overview of the healing process.
She writes with compassion and joy and gives a lot of good
information about healing and all sorts of things. Her own
journey is fascinating and I can relate to much of what she has
experienced. Some of it I skimmed through as it can be a little
repetitive and I am already familiar with the concepts such as
energy, resonance, and vibration.For anyone who is a very
sensitive individual or for someone who is looking for answers
for difficult health issues, this book will be helpful and could
be a life saver. This is a much needed book for a world that is
becoming more and more hectic and unhealthy, and is seeing more
and more immune system disorders from all the toxins (energetic
and physical). If holistic practitioners would read this they
would be able to better help a whole segment of people. I am
going to order her foundations healing process guidebook right
away which is a self healing method that allows you to clear,
stop reactions immediately, and stay grounded. Thank you Janice.

About the Author:

Janice Carlin is the author of The Sensitivity Factor, Be Free,
Toward Ascension, Empathic Sensitivity
, and The Foundations
Healing System Guidebook
, a natural healing system she developed
for highly sensitive people. She has also authored several
documents and e-books, including Lightworkers Guide To Working In
The Light and Working With Sensitives, Feeding Healthy Families,
Star Child
(a children’s Ebook), Helping Your Child To Heal, and
has a chapters in the Transform Your Life! series. Janice is an
author, healer, intuitive channel and teacher. She is a highly
sensitive empath who has learned to use her sensitivity and her
other gifts to be of service in the most beneficial ways that
she can. As a channel, she is committed to sharing only that
channeled information, which is from, with and within The Light
in the highest benefit to all. Janice has a Masters degree in
music conducting and is a certified K – 12 teacher. She spent
many years teaching music to children in public and private
school settings. She developed her healing and intuitive skills
due to her sensitive son’s health needs, as well as her own.
Desiring to follow a path of natural healing and wellness, she
felt entirely helpless in caring for their needs without the
skills and knowledge that so many of the healers they were
seeing had. This led her to embark upon a ten year journey of
learning, awakening, profound healing and transformation. Now,
she and her son are self sufficient in living healthy, thriving
lives. As she experienced her own journey, she realized that so
many other sensitive people and parents of sensitive children
were also feeling frustrated and helpless to create thriving
within their own lives. She became impassioned to share all that
she had learned and developed that was new, different and
completely empowering. Visit her online at Empowered Thriving,

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The Empath book is exactly what I need for a friend. Thanks for posting about it.