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Monday, March 9, 2015

Dr. Bernie Siegel Recommends Tales2Inspire

Tales2Inspire ~ The Emerald Collection (Beyond Coincidence stories)
Author: Lois W. Stern
ISBN: 1492321397
Quoted from Amazon review
Book's Web site:
Published by CreateSpace
ISBN: 1492321397
Genre: Inspirational, motivational

Quote from noted physician, healer, author, and humanist, Dr. Bernie Siegel, (A Book of Miracles, the Art of Healing, 365 Prescriptions for the Soul) took note of the Tales2Inspire ™ series, with the words:

"These are books with a heart - filled with stories which reveal what happens when we choose to live in a way that is life enhancing for all God's creatures. Our potential is miraculous when we choose to inspire the vapor of love. The people in these stories have always been my teachers. Read and learn the lessons of life.”


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