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Friday, May 1, 2015

Tales2Inspire ~ The Sapphire Collection

Tales2Inspire ~ The Sapphire Collection
(Timeless Memories )
Created by Lois W. Stern
ISBN-10: 1499539517
ISBN-13: 978-1499539516
Genre: Inspirational, Motivational, Non-fiction, Short story Collection




. . . a collection of insightful & inspirational stories (to) help bring about positive changes in the minds of readers. These stories will move the hearts of readers with their personal experiences . . . helping to change one's perspective. The author's idea of bringing different writers together to share their inspirational & motivational stories . . .  gives varied echoes to the stories, (each with) an individual voice revolving around the human spirit & the conditions that prevail in human minds. Gives readers a sense of hope and peace. 

By multi-published author, Russ Heitz
     This is a time of 24-hour TV newscasts. It is a time of screaming headlines and explicit videos. Whether it is the latest slaughter of innocents or the most catastrophic of natural disasters. Whether the images are of starving babies or dying epidemic victims. The tragedies and pain and suffering that we are confronted with every day are sometimes overwhelming. And because of this unremitting onslaught we sometimes forget that there is another side to this ongoing biography of the human race. Not all of its events are horrendous. Not all of its members are monsters. Not all of its behaviors are deplorable. And not all of its thoughts are centered on darkness. On the contrary, there are glimmers of light and goodness scattered everywhere, in all directions. But they can be seen only by those who look carefully and watch with patience.
     The writers of these little Sapphire Edition essays are those kinds of careful lookers and patient watchers. Their stories are varied; their experiences run the gamut. Maybe it's a dog with a goofy grin or a cardinal plunging through an evergreen. Maybe it's a lost but rediscovered letter. Maybe it's a calamity that did NOT happen. Maybe it's a gift that only a grandson can give to a beloved grandfather. Or maybe it's a birthday card that carries warm memories for years afterwards, both for the sender and for the receiver.
     These are the kinds of positive human experiences that are illuminated by the essays in this small but overflowing collection. Each piece has its own message of inspiration. Each piece has its own way of delivering that message.

by William Engels 
     Tales2Inspire - The Sapphire Collection: Echoes in the Mind by Lois W. Stern certainly delivers just what it promises from its title -- inspirational stories of universal appeal that enrich the soul, nourish the mind and offer us valuable lessons about living a fulfilling life. This book contains a collection of fourteen non-fiction stories written by authors from a wide range of backgrounds, including different educational levels, religions and geographical regions. But despite these differences, all of the tales deal with common themes that connect us all with each other: serendipity or destiny, spirituality, religion, cherished items that remind us of our heritage ("Just A Pickle and A Chair," written by Editor Lois W. Stern), lost opportunities, new beginnings, the importance of bringing joy to loved ones and devotion to animals and understanding how they help to make people's lives better.
     Additionally, these stories contain valuable lessons for all of us. In "What is Life," Melissa Noel shows us how to overcome incredible adversity and hardship with courage, perseverance, hope and faith. In "Doorways," Susan C. Haley demonstrates how to learn from the challenges presented by confronting and conquering grief and other obstacles. In "At Least Nothing Bad Happened," Janice Emeneau teaches us the importance of positive thinking as a way to improve the quality of our lives, even our health. Finally "In All That Glitters...," Maurice Nadjari shows by example how following a path of morality, honesty and integrity is an effective way to live a free and independent life.
I highly recommend this book. I found it uplifting, encouraging and comforting because it confirms to its readers that they are not alone in dealing with these common human experiences

By Bani Sodermark: an Amazon VINE VOICE and Book Pleasures reviewer
     This book is a collection of memorable incidentby ordinary people with a flair for writing. Editor-cum-author Lois Stern, has in this connection, presented an assortment of stories that "echo in the mind" as these moments are relived over and over again. Some of the contributors are published authors in their own right, others are less well known. The common ground between them all is their passion for the written word.
     The first story "Hand of Destiny" tells of an incredible coincidence in the life of an ex fighter pilot in World War II. Then there is the story of an amazing dog, who was successfully used by his mistress as part of her school management program. Meaningful contact with family members who have passed on is provided by two of the authors, while the editor herself tells the story of a chair with a history. Another moving story, which struck a personal chord is about the memories stirred up by a cup of hot chocolate and how it helped ease discord in parent-child relationships.
     Next comes the story of an attorney who "fought hard to hold on to the things that were of most value to him while investigating the greatest heist in American history. A motivational speaker mentions two close calls and how she survived to tell the tale.
     A son of a Holocaust survivor recalls how reticence prevented him from finding out the truth of his mother's experiences until it was too late. In another story, the author acknowledges the powerful effect of a grateful smile while traveling in foreign climes. Yet another tells the story of a friend with learning disability who overcame incredible odds in order to establish herself in society.
     There is also the heartwarming story of a young boy who plots a secret treat for his grandfather.
     The writing in each of these anecdotes has been painstakingly chiseled to near perfection. Each story is accompanied by one or more photographs and a paragraph about its author. . .  it is clear, that the text has been put together with care and artistry, making it a truly pleasurable read for a lazy summer day.


     Lois W. Stern has churned out yet another Tales2Inspire WINNER with this collection! Her writers and their creativity and ability to touch the minds and souls of their readers through these stories is not only inspirational but courageous, encouraging and beautifully humanistic. So much can be learned through others' experiences and Lois has given us the opportunity to do just this with all of her collections. These are people just like you and me just wanting to share and help make a positive change in someone's life. This collection is perfectly titled for the inspirational stories you will read on the inside. An AWESOME gift giving idea for a loved one, friend, co-worker or to treat yourself. Single stories that you can read one at a time and then fall asleep with an open heart. Highly recommended.Enjoy, and feel good

Host of the LTV Show: The Writer’s Dream, Author of the Annie Tillery Mystery Series
     In this latest of Lois W. Stern's "Tales 2 Inspire” collections, we again come to know about the incredible resiliency of the human spirit, and the intricacies of the human mind. Such stories of the individuality, yet common themes of the human condition do inspire. For those of us who find ourselves questioning the conditions of the world around us, Stern's "Tales to Inspire" series gives hope. If it's time for you to find a peaceful place to nurture your own dreams, take comfort in this series. Read, enjoy, and feel good.

By Michael Monji, the "Tree Whisperer”
Amazon VINE VOICE Reviewer
Wow!! The author has done a fantabulous job of bringing heart warming stories to life. She has brought together authors that have stories that will make you say how grateful you are for the things and loved ones in your life. You need to read all four books in the series to truly appreciate what each author has to say.





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