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Friday, September 11, 2015

True Stories of US Enlisted Men Pilots

Author:  Michael G. Uva
Product Details
1    Paperback: 178 pages
2    Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform;
3    First Edition (January 5, 2015)
4    Language: English
5    ISBN-10: 1506015832
6    ISBN-13: 978-1506015835
Genre: Historical Fiction

Reviewed By Michelle Stanley for Readers’ Favorite
Review Rating:
5 Stars!

“There are only two types of fairy tales told in the Corps; one begins with, “Once upon a time…” the other, “This is no shite!” - Tippy (Tales of Flying Sergeants) Enlisted Fighter Pilots in WW11.

Robert “Tippy” Tipatue, a skilled mechanic, enlisted in the Marines after the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was an ingenious, courageous, forthright man who took his mechanical assignments seriously at the Maw Airbase. This enabled him to move quickly through the ranks to become a fighter pilot, much to the regret of First Lieutenant Goldberg, a commissioned Officer who disapproved of enlisted men becoming pilots. Tippy and other trained enlisted pilots had many close encounters with death while fighting the Japanese, and their living conditions were basic, but they learned to keep their spirits up with moral support, a few fights, and pranks.

Michael G. Uva has written this very poignant military fiction as a warm-hearted tribute to Master Gunnery Sergeant Charles W. Tippy, a “salty old Marine” with whom he served. He wrote compassionately, recollecting tales filled with sadness, nostalgia and mirth of the war. Surviving Marines who pay tribute to Pastor Tippy at his funeral narrate with stirring tales of their friendship with the deceased throughout intervals in the book. Pastor Tippy rarely spoke of his Marine years, so his grieving congregation were surprised to see politicians, actors, other public figures, and a Japanese veteran turn out to pay their respects. The cover illustration is lovely and the story made a very interesting read. 

World War II is raging. The war is going badly for the Americans. A young, backwoods car mechanic from Louisiana enlists in the Marines after Pearl Harbor is hit.
The U.S.A. has more planes than pilots. Several U.S. Marine mechanics, (both auto and aircraft) get a crash course in flying fighter planes. Now they find themselves in a battle for their lives against superior, outnumbering forces.

Problems soon occur on base when a Harvard educated officer joins the squadron. He does not believe that enlisted men have the ability to fly as well as officers. Soon after, all the mechanic pilots are relegated, back to ground duty. During a surprise attack, the enemy forces surround the pilot’s quarters, trapping them. One enlisted pilot manages to takeoff in a fully loaded P-51. Within minutes, the officers are freed and soon join the lone enlisted man aloft. Now the Harvard officer is forced to fly as a team with the enlisted man, in a fight for their lives.
The story unfolds in a series of flashbacks at the enlisted hero’s current day funeral by some of the former fighter pilots he fought alongside of.

 Tippy  was inspired by true stories of US “Enlisted Men” that were elevated to the positions of “Fighter Pilots” during WWll. Author Michael Uva says, " I had the honor and privilege to have personally flown a few flights out of El Toro air base with one of these Heroic Marine Enlisted Pilots while I served in the Marines."

Tippy is a “Historical Fiction.” The story is an amalgam of fiction and history, with a slight bias toward authentic history.

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