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Friday, June 2, 2017

Historical Author Reviews Dr. Bob Rich's New Novel

Review of Guardian Angel by Max Overton

Title: Guardian Angel
Author: Dr Bob Rich
ASIN: B0711C623T
ISBN: 9781521212677
About the book:

I recently had the privilege of reading Guardian Angel by Bob Rich again and found it even more enthralling the second time round. It is a novel of Australia, but the message within applies to all men and women everywhere and in every time. It is couched within the framework of Christianity, but it applies equally to any and all religions that preach a message of love and acceptance. Reincarnation is a thread that runs through this story, and shows how our actions are not limited to one life, but  through many incarnations as we strive to learn the lessons necessary for our growth.
The protagonist, a young Aboriginal girl, Maraglindi, is born of an act of hate, but she typifies Love in its most elemental form, and all who come in contact with her during her short life are touched by this love. It changes their behaviour for the better, and each one spreads this message of love to others, enveloping families and communities. But this is so much more than just a story with a message; it is a history. Guardian Angel is a story set against the backdrop of Colonial Australia, where we get to experience the lives of rich and poor, privileged and deprived, the white overlords and the downtrodden, dispossessed Aboriginal First People of this glorious country.

Guardian Angel is a book I would not hesitate to recommend, not just as a story that describes the racial discord of earlier times, but also as one that holds out a hope that things can be different. We live in times where hate is rearing its ugly head once more, so we need stories like this to remind us that hate can be overcome, not by violence and more hatred, but by love.


Max was Bob Rich’s first editing client, back in 1999. Since then, his writing has soared, and he is the author of masterful, gripping stories in several genres, including historical fiction. Max and Bob do beta reading for each other, which is why this is the second time Max has read Guardian Angel. His suggestions on the earlier version have greatly improved the novel.


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