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Friday, August 25, 2017

Title - The Empath’s Survival Guide: 
Subtitle: Life Strategies for Sensitive People
Author – Dr Judith Orloff
Author's Web site link -
Genre or category – Self Help
ISBN-10: 1622036573
ISBN-13: 978-1622036578
Reviewer's rating – 5 stars
Link to buy the book on Amazon 
Reviewed by Jackie Paulson originally for Amazon
Do you want to learn the secrets of being an Empath and discover ways revolutionize your life in the most amazing way? If you click on the book in Amazon of course you will be able to see the chapters, which are important. Some may apply to you and others may not. Since I am an empath the author says, " Empaths are emotional sponges who absorb both the and joy of the world. We feel everything, often to an extreme, and have little guard up between ourselves and others. As a result, we often become overwhelmed by excessive stimulation and are prone to exhaustion and sensory overload." 

The Empath's Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People by [Orloff, Judith]
 is totally ME! This is a great resource to help understand if you are in fact an empath. Through this book, its companion audio program, and her workshops for empaths, Judith wants to create a community of support so that you can find your tribe, be authentic, and shine. She wants to support a movement of people who honor their sensitivities. Her message to you is one of hope and acceptance. On the empath journey, Judith encourages you to embrace your gifts and manifest your full power. What is the difference between ordinary empathy and being an empath? Ordinary empathy means our heart goes out to another person when they are going through a difficult period. It also means that we can be happy for others during their times of joy. 

Being an empath, though, we sense other people’s emotions, energy, and physical symptoms in our bodies without the usual filters that most people have. We can experience another person’s sorrow and their joy. We are super-sensitive to other’s tone of voice and body movements. We can hear what they don’t say in words but communicate nonverbally and through silence. Empaths feel things first, then think, which is the opposite of how most people function in our overintellectualized society. There is no membrane that separates us from the world. This makes us very different from other people who have their defenses up almost from the time they were born.

You are especially attuned to other people’s physical symptoms and tend to absorb them into your body. You also can become energized by someone’s sense of well-being.

The types of these empaths include:
Emotional Empaths
You mainly pick up other people’s emotions and can become a sponge for their feelings, both happy and sad.
Intuitive Empaths
You experience extraordinary perceptions such as intuition, telepathy, messages in dreams, animal and plant communication, as well as contact with the Other Side. 
Telepathic empaths. You receive intuitive information about others in present time.
Precognitive empaths. You have premonitions about the future while awake or in dreams.
Dream empaths. You are an avid dreamer and can receive intuitive information through
dreams that helps others and guides your life.
Mediumship empaths. You can access spirits on the Other Side.
Plant empaths. You can feel the needs of plants and connect with their essence.
Earth Empaths. You are attuned to changes in the Earth, solar system, and weather.
Animal empaths. You can tune into animals and communicate with them.
It took me fifty years to finally realize I am an empath. I would work in the hair industry and absorb so many different energies. I felt like the blood was being sucked right out of my body. By the end of the day I would have to go straight to bed. By learning the techniques of grounding, yourself, and learning about this value to embrace your empathic tendencies, you will become a better person. I highly recommend this book to all age groups especially women who think they are an empath.
© 2017 Jackie Paulson


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