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Monday, December 25, 2017

Writing, The New Yorker, and Christmas

This is a not-so-usual Christmas editorial from my SharingwithWriters newsletter. True to my time-saving advice to recycle (no one person--even one with a paid publicist) has enough time to do everything they want to!), it is never too late to download a pdf copy my newsletters from the archive at http://bit.ly/SWWNewsletter--or subscribe so you don't miss a single issue!

Dear SharingwithWriters subscribers and New Book Review readers, authors, and reviewers: 

I love The New Yorker. My son Trenton sent a subscription to me for Christmas for a couple years, but I told him not to do it anymore because I always felt guilty when I couldn’t read it from cover to cover.

Recently I reconnected with my cousin who had gone AWOL for a while and she sent me a link to a lovely essay on dying (and living!) in The New Yorker. It was written by a well-known memoirist, Cory Taylor. I love how that she wove the pleasures of writing into the other joys of her life. It made me think of the publisher who told my agent that he loved my memoir, but couldn’t publish it because it was just too sad. It also made me think of what I have come to think of as California’s Christmas fires. I have been affected only slightly (breathing smoke and getting less done because of time taken to help fire refugees), but the misery is everywhere. The sky, the freeways, the news.

It seems to me a memoir has no value without the sad parts that make us grateful for life’s delights. So, the upsides and downsides, the yin and yang of The New Yorker? Hard to believe there is too much of a good thing! And the fires? Well, maybe we have had enough of those!

You may already subscribe or decide to subscribe to The New Yorker after reading this. (You may be better at picking and choosing from an overabundance of readable material than I!) Even if The New Yorker has never been your cup of tea, you will want to read this essay. To absorb the author’s wisdom now, when gratitude is such a big part of the holiday season or take a lesson from this author’s writing style. I am sure that it will renew your appreciation of your chosen career.

The essay is “Questions for Me About Dying” by Cory Taylor. An interesting title, but one that in no way does justice to what is contained therein.

Happy writing, editing and promoting and happy holidays,
Carolyn Howard-Johnson,


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