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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

A Shoutout from an Inspirational Anthology Series

Put a Rainbow in Your Future 
by Lois W. Stern

We gaze upon rainbows, hoping they will fulfill their promise of peaceful new beginnings. Today, while surrounded by news of willful ways, conflicting ideas and outright tragic deeds, it’s easy to look beyond to the other side of those rainbows - the side where generosity and kindness prevail. And that is what Tales2Inspire is all about, a project to focus on goodness and inspiration.

Tales2Inspire® is a project I created seven years ago with two missions in mind. The first was to seek out those over-the-rainbow stories, to reach out and spread some good news. But as a retired educator and author, I had a second mission in mind. I wanted to give talented writers with an inspiring story to share an opportunity to make their voices heard. With the help of some prominent author advocates, word continued to spread. Accomplished authors and talented newbies alike have grabbed the opportunity. Why not, it’s FREE to enter and gives winners one more respected notch in their platform building belts.

Each Tales2Inspire book contains stories of a different theme, with each collection named for a different gemstone whose symbolic meaning relates to those stories. For example, the Ruby, the symbol for friendship and love, is a collection of stories sharing some amazing Gifts of Compassion. For exampleA black belt champion throws a temper tantrum each time he loses a match. But he isn’t fighting for a trophy or glory. He fights to keep ghetto children out of harm’s way, for one more day. A young girl runs a marathon in each of seven continents to honor her deceased father, while promoting blue ribbons as a symbol for prostate cancer. She is now listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest person to run a marathon in each of seven continents.

Has the word FREE popped out at you yet? For one thing it is FREE to enter this contest. For another, you can get a FREE sampler of six Tales2Inspire published stories for your Kindle, Nook, iPad, simply by going to www.tales2inspire.com/gift. Not only will you enjoy these, but it would be really helpful for those entering this project/contest to read a few stories that have won past Tales2Inspire awards.

Are you ready to put a Rainbow in your future?

Lois W. SternLois W. Stern's Tales2Inspire was a kernel of an idea that started in 2012 and has grown to proportions even she didn’t dare to envision. Her innate curiosity about potentially fascinating human interest stories was the spark that ignited this idea. But it was the confused state of traditional publishing that propelled her forward. Tales2Inspire delivers exactly what it promises as both an ‘Authors Helping Authors’ project and a contest. Winners get their stories published in print, e-book and some even in video formats, with their names, headshot photos, and mini-autobiographies included. Then she spreads the word abou the winners and their stories on her blogs, social media and monthly newsletter. FREE to enter, this is a great competition for talented newbies and seasoned authors alike. Learn more here:


Tales2Inspire websitehttp://www.tales2inspire.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/tales2inspire2Facebook page: www.facebook.com/tales2inspireLinkedIn profile: http://tinyurl.com/odtw2wt
Get a FREE Tales2Inspire Sampler book at: www.tales2inspire.com/gift Tales2Inspire trailer: https://youtu.be/FuDgXkYMHvoBlog: http:://www.tales2inspire/blog

A Shoutout from an Inspirational Anthology Series


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